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Huge clit stories, Scot chica picking men especially for Huge clit stories

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I have a really big clit and I love to show it off. When I get really turned on, my Downfall redux endings pink rosebud gets really swollen and thrusts itself out past my clitoral hood, until the whole thing is sticking out nearly an inch from my body, just begging to be stroked. The first time I showed it to somebody else was by accident, when my roommate accidentally walked in on me masturbating.

She apologized and immediately left the room, and later when she apologized again, she added that she couldn't help noticing that I had a really big clit. Dread sponge sallys it feel any different, she wondered?

Was it more sensitive, and could I have a better orgasm? I had to admit I didn't know, because I had never had the opportunity to Reddit step sibling sex it to other girl's clits, but it was extremely sensitive and regularly provided me with leg-shaking orgasms. My roommate's curiosity was insatiable, and finally she asked me if she could see it again, just for a minute?

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Well, I was a bit hesitant, being as it was my first time, but when she offered to show me her clit, 'just to be fair,' how could I resist? I did make her go first, however, and watched Wolf shifting spell she pulled down her panties to reveal a neatly-trimmed triangle of hair, a tight little slit and a clit tightly shrouded within her clitoral hood. Let me see if I can tease it out, she said, and I watched in fascination as she licked her middle finger and then began to Fat belly weight gain stories rub it up and down on her clit.

After a minute or so, it shyly emerged and I was treated to the site of my first clit other than my own. It was so small and delicate, and sort of came to a point at the end, instead of being a rounded knob like my own. By now I was wet and my clit was poking hard against Naughty high school teens underwear, straining to escape.

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The fresh air on my clit made it even more swollen and hard until it was sticking out fully at attention. Next she asked could she touch it, and I was so desperately turned on at this point that Cheating impregnation tumblr said please do. Her first gentle tentative touch sent a wave of pleasure coursing through my body like an electric shock.

Since Gretchen carlson nipples time, I've showed my clit to other friends and roommates that I thought would be receptive, setting up encounters where they would accidentally bust me rubbing on my sweet spot, and more often than not, the unique appearance of my clit would get them really curious. Not all of them asked to see it again after busting me, and only a few of those actually asked to touch it, but it provides me with a lot of fun and helps to satisfy my exhibitionist tendencies.

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