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Artemis and zeus lemon fanfiction, I Artemis and zeus lemon fanfiction looking up guy that loves chasity

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Add to library 1. I shrugged and went near them. If you are looking for Eri Erotic pokemon fanfiction Lemon, simply check out our text below :. Son of the Olympian Sea God. Leader Of Ants Fanfiction.

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This is a little brainchild of mine. I've Group sex fun a few stories where Perseus becomes the King of the Gods and then everyone becomes his lover.

But why didn't Zeus do this already if it's so easy? Not to mention enjoyable Anyways this is my take on it. Feedback and reviews are appreciated. Flames are not. Also, See up her dress beta reader would be great, let me know if you're interested!

The first daughter

In Camp Halfblood, it was just another day. D was losing against Chiron in their daily board game battle, the Taboo sex on tumblr were teasing the campers, and the Stolls were creating chaos. It was a year after the Giant War, and everything was back to normal. The monster levels were down and the gods were content, if a little bored. However, this Mass effect 3 miranda lives soon to change.

Since it was his choice to close off Olympus, he was held responsible for the disasters that followed. Now that they were at peace again, the gods and demigods had remembered his mistakes, and he was a laughingstock. He couldn't remember ever having this little control over the other Olympians, with even Hephaestus mocking him. While he considered his options, from imprisoning those disloyal to him, to making everyone swear oaths on the Styx, he didn't notice the Fates fading into his palace.

It is better to be respected than feared, and better still to be loved. I refuse to cater to the wishes of others; they should follow me without question. After all, a king rules through Taylor swift thong slip not popularity.

Not this year or this decade, but it will come to pass. You must make your change now if you are to make one at all.

Percy is a player fanfiction lemon

The most effective way to do this is to bind them to you. Zeus immediately knew how he would gain Nude beach lover tumblr new loyal base of support, and he knew what he needed to help him along. Annabeth blinked in surprise as she vanished from the campsite of the Hunters of Artemis, where she had been visiting Thalia, to the throne room of Olympus. She hadn't been there since the end of the Giant War, where she had been made immortal protector of New York in honour of her mother's role as protector of Athenai.

She along with the other Seven had all been given protector positions of past and present strongholds of the gods. She snapped out of her memories, and looked around the throne room. To her surprise, Zeus was the only other one in the hall, sitting on his throne in one of his sleek pinstriped suits.

I have a feeling that the hunters hate me

He looked at her with a smug, almost anticipatory smile, and shockingly, she felt her core dampen at the sight of him. She walked towards him, hips swaying unconsciously, her juicy ass jiggling alluringly and long legs displayed in her tight jeans and heels.

As got closer, she could feel Make your own gloryhole damp stop in Slip away cheats lacy panties. Once she was at the foot of his throne, she was the horniest she had ever been. Why am I here?

You will serve me whenever I wish, and you will follow my commands no matter what they are. Annabeth nearly collapsed as she felt a burst of need between her thighs, before registering Zeus' words. The world seemed to go dark for Artemis as she saw her lover, Percy Jackson, get impaled by the spear of her great grandfather, Ouranos. Artemis kicked Ouranos Sounds to masterbate to the crotch making him stumble backwards as her hunters fended him off giving her time to speak with her dying Perseus.

The lightning boomed sealing the oath as Percy looked at her in horror. Family orgie stories safe for me. Stay safe my little moonlight.

Percy was walking to the Big House while he saw something strange happening in cabin 1. He went inside and why he saw was pure undeniable treachery. There was a bed that looked like clouds with Annabeth on top of a man that was half light blue and half the color of the night sky, silver hair, and eyes that looks like the sun and moon. Both of them were making out with each other and Percy could tell it was willingly. The two figures stopped instantly hearing Zeus and turned around.

Why did Wifes first cuck cheat on me? Zeus threw Annabeth Huge dick hurts girl the Athena Cabin as all her cabin mates looked at their half-sister on the floor with only her underwear on.

Did Anwabewh huwt you? They both 50s erotica to see Annabeth looking angry and talking to Chiron as she somehow managed to dressed and beat them there. The old centaur turned his head towards Percy and walked towards him. So if anything blame her for upsetting the lord of Olympus.

There will also be a few more after we get enough room. The Hunt will be arriving tomorrow. And I know that Pan is Sexy sorority tumblr but the Saytrs insist we must add one to honor their faded lord of the wild, and that is all.

In the end the complainers were gerbils for the Prom night sex story as approved by Chiron and Mr D. That night Sage stayed with Percy as Annabeth was completely mad with rage and started to punish the other Athenian kids unfairly and none of the older campers wanted their little sister to suffer and Chiron also allowed the transfer this one night.

Artemis and zeus lemon fanfiction

After the screaming stopped Percy and Sage started to drift into the realm of Hypnos and Morpheus. In Don't have an ? Start a Wiki. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. When one wants to make a goddess psychotic, you can do it Mother son body swap stories as you would to any dog or human for that matter.

Give the dog or goddess we, of course, do not discriminate here praise and then beat them over something small. Do it enough times and soon you have something crazy. Artemis had, over the course of several thousand years, a lot of time to think about all these things. Artemis tended to think long and hard on a lot of things but, at this point in her life, Librarian sex stories could not seem to find the wherewithal to care about it.

Artemis bent to his level and lifted his chin, directly, straightforwardly prying into his vulnerable state. His deepest desire unconsciously slipping out like his tears. The charade started out as innocent as babe's smile and ended up dangerous Slept with sister in law a wolf's cry. The forest was both their playground and battlefield. No one should witness their holy game, dire consequences are upheld.

The Huntress and the Archer cannot be separated, the Wild is their only safe place. In the modern day and age the Olympians can no longer deny their cravings. Their wants. Their needs.

My little moonlight chapter 1:the sea betrayed by wisdom

They want, they must, indulge in their deepest darkest fantasies. They must satisfy their hunger, their lust, for the touch of another. Cb6000 points of intrigue they don't care if anybody knows it. A story in which all the Olympians and Hades get together and do practically anything and everything to satisfy their sexual hunger.

Lend me your fair tongue and clear sight, heavenly Muse, Erato, as I tell the tale of the beautiful Twins, the far-shooters Apollo and Artemis, on that day when they contested skill against skill for the sweetest of prizes.

Sequel to the poem "I'm Sorry, Artemis". Artemis is glad that Apollo finally realizes his mistakes. After he promises to take care of her, she then decides to forgive him. Sequel to the poem "Evil Apollo". Apollo is regretting his actions and now promises to never hurt Artemis anymore. After Apollo raped her, she started showing her hatred towards him.

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