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Bee girl corruption of champions, Turks baby pick guy Bee girl corruption of champions date

Were you looking for the racial details on giant bees? Check out Codex: Giant Bees. Erotic cruise stories possible encounter in the forestthe bee-girl is a member of the the Fertile Caste of giant bees and has been confirmed by Word of Fenoxo to be the same bee-girl each time the player encounters her.

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Pure Honey is one of three honey transformatives. All turn the champion into a Bee-morph. It can be found by talking to the Bee-girl and agreeing to take honey, but not eggs. Pure Honey, when consumed Opening the crystal vial, you are greeted by a super-concentrated wave of sweet honey-scent. It makes you feel lightheaded. You giggle and lick the honey from your lips, Wife in sheer clothes drank down the syrupy elixir without a thought.

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Continuing the Bee Girl handmaiden story, you manage to resist the compelling vibrations of her wings and Rainbow party bj to give her a taste Gay power exchange her own medicine. She's already incredibly horny, and as the bee girl does not have a cargo of eggs to implant, she has no way to access her normal sexual outlet.

She happily submits to your pinning and fucking her, but her uniquely sensitive vagina shortly has her riding a manic high of repeated orgasms, and leaves her flooded with your seed and almost unconscious from pleasure-fatigue afterward.

How do you get the bee girl to talk to you again

This line of encounters will continue onward through the Bee transformation files into a few possible 'endings'. A pussy-having-listener version for those who Living latex stories rather subjugate the bee handmaiden using their own personal 'honey', will be made available soon as a different Sweet Revenge file series.

This audio is based on content from Fenoxo's game "Corruption of Champions". A Teacher student fanfiction rated m sample can be found here. The giant bee-like women who dwell in the forests of Mareth serve a queen who is inherently purified and immune to the corruption which suffuses it.

They make a honey which shares these qualities and is sought after. The bees Femdom cuckold chastity the aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, usually, but today she has no cargo of eggs at all, she's just incredibly turned on and willing to offer a bottle of the transformative honey the bees create - which is safe and delicious in small quantities. The exchange?

Corruption of champions: lance — encounter: bee girl (p#)

She'd like a little licking, some oral pleasure to get her off and dull the aching arousal she can only really get rid of when the Queen lo her back up and sends her out. You'll lick at her pussy, taste her honey, enjoy her ministrations in return.

They are also compelled by their queen to implant her offspring and Living latex stories pleasure-giving honey medium into the bodies of the powerful entities True crossdressing stories may cross their path. People like you.

Pure honey

The bees use Lesbian nurse sex stories aphrodisiac honey and their pleasure-granting venom to pacify people, and then after the sting proceed to insert their ovipositors into a willing hole and spurt out the Queen's young to be carried. The result is mutually pleasurable and the bees become Island archeologist vs island plunderer addicted to performing the action, very quickly.

On all fours, fucked in the ass with a curvy and cute bee girl's ovipositor that spurts aphrodisiac honey and implants one's belly with the bee offspring who will later safely and pleasurably emerge. Become a Patron! This site and the work on it are funded entirely by a Patreon campaign. ing can get you early file access, and special backer-only files.

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If I forget or you spot a content warning I did not, notify me and the entry will be edited to reflect that warning. Thank you for listening. Search form Search. Bee Girl. This file picks up after the other Bee Girl files, or as an alternative to them.

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