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Years old: 35
Ethnicity: Uruguayan
My gender: Girl
I speak: English, Thai
What I prefer to drink: Mulled wine
I like to listen: I like to listen dance
In my spare time I love: Fishing
I have piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Actually, I dont have any specific point to make on this. I was just wondering people's opinions. Have you ever had it done?

Living hell

Would you? What do you think of it?

Are people My sons gf full vain? I think some people Reddit creampie stories have a specific facial feature that is giving them a problem I see no harm in it I'm not soooooo sure about the boob jobs though I don't know at the moment but ask me again in 20 years when certain parts of my body decides it prefers gravity and my teeth wants to leave me then I may consider going in for surgery.

I can't see myself going in for serious, invasive surgery, but then i well understand the motive of two friends - one who had her breasts reduced because they were seriously out of proportion to the point of being uncomfortable and another who had her emu-type noses reformed and who really seemed benefit from their operations. I'd White sissy bois consider other, less dramatic treatment like tooth whitening and the odd botox injection in the bridge of my nose. I wouldn't judge others that have it, but it's important to weigh up the risks involved for yourself, and decide if it's really worth it.

What causes a snoopy dog breast deformity

Lets hope some scientist in a few years invents a natural way so we don't have to go under the surgeons knife. Originally posted by Milf interacial gangbang I would! But then I am vain and shallow. I wouldn't have lipo Neither would I have botox, only cos I couldn't afford to keep it up. But a facelift Apparently the younger you start looking after your face and neck the better it is to Stephanie abrams huge tits the way you look. Am a bit worried by reports that you can tell your age by looking at your knees.

LK - checks her knees a LOT! I know quite a few ladies who've had augmentations and a couple who've had reductions.

Certainly I've no problems with that. I have to say I couldn't have elective surgery - I've had two major ops myself but they were repair jobs, not upgrades. Beth Hart Posts: 6, Forum Member. I don't know that I'd actually go through with it but I have thought about having a tummy tuck when I've finished having children. Given I plan to have 6 pregnancies and the high risk of multiples during IVF I think it might make a big difference to me. I don't think I would have it done - however I have recently watched a few Chubby girls looking for sex surgery programmes where a women gettinget their boobs done - just lifted and repositioned not inplants or reduction - Most of these women are mid 30's but had breast fed children and their chests were absolutely disgusting - literally like having 2 socks hanging where your boobs used to be.

Actually, Doctor spanking stories have been the same way even if they'd not breastfed - it's been found that it is pregnancy that does it. It's mostly genetics Brother gay incest stories - I've had 3 babies and breastfed 2 of them and it's not something that's been a problem for me.

I suppose I could have a tidy up job on my old grotesque war wound the result of serious op in my early youth I wouldn't be able to continue telling the grandchildren of the time I was bit with a shark while swimming Beth hart boob job channel Uncle Fester Posts: 15, Forum Member.

I do not know about Plastic surgery but I am keeping my eye open for a usable plick transplant:o.

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Geeg Posts: 23, Forum Member. I'd love a face lift at some point in the Today is the happiest day of her life - but I Ghetto lap dance never have one simply because I'd be to scared it went wrong. The main thing I worry about with facelifts is Joe'sgirl Posts: 10, Forum Member.

Originally posted by Beth Hart Actually, they'd have been the same way even if they'd not breastfed - it's been found that it is pregnancy that does it. Originally posted by Joe'sgirl I am with Beth on this one. If the women in your family run to 'droopy boobs' they will droop - whatever you do!

I luckily have good genes here:; However I did inherit eyes which are 'crinkly' - so I would love to have them 'uncrinkled' - and YES I would have a tummy tuck too, to streamline my silhouette. I think that cosmetic surgery is fine to improve your self-confidence, especially with more women wanting to hold down professional jobs.

A women who is middle aged has poorer muscle tone than a man, because she has different hormones swirling around! So if it means us dames can keep up with the men by looking a bit more youthful - I say, go for it!

Shah looks good!

Originally posted by champers Oh god there is no help for me, we have bad genes in our family. I know an aunt had Fibrocystic. Years ago I read the best prevention is to do as much Boys in mini skirts as possible but now I recently read that it doesn't count for anything so I am dreading reaching middle age.

Too true Joe's Girl. You can be the most beautiful person in Forced pregnancy fanfiction world, but if you dont feel it and dont have a good personality it counts for practically nothing.

Recent trends

I think its more important that Femdom prostate milking stories present yourself nicely. I dont mean spending hundreds on deer clothes, but just making sure that you're clean and tidy. I think that I personally would have plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery as is probably a more suitable name.

Although its probably the most needed place, I wouldnt have a boob job, because I think whatever size, you can make the most of yourself in that respect. The only time that I think its needed is if you're extremely big or extremely small.

What does a snoopy deformity look like

What I'd have done is surgery on my teeth actually I am, but its medical because I feel that having a nice smile is quite important, and a bit more understandable than just wanting a sexy Dallas glory holes. I think that I dont mind surgery if its only subtely improving you in areas that arent so great, but to get things like FF boobs just seems ridiculous when its not natural in the first place.

Thanks Joes Girl!

Terrible being female though at times. In or Register to comment.