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Not sure if you know the show, which I've been a big fan of, but I watched the most recent episode and was Forced fem blowjob to roll my eyes. The situation was that a robbery had happ ened, and a guy who had been shot was questioned by the main character. He told them the description of the man who shot him, saying he was a scary looking black guy.

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Not only that, but they were played by actors cast according to the most stereotypical ethnicity for their crime. Car thieves were invariably black or Latino; a mugger, drug dealer, or liquor store robber would be black; chop-shop owners might be Asian or Mexican. I should point out here that my parents are very liberal people, especially when it comes to racial equality, though perhaps not the most sophisticated TV viewers.

I then went upstairs to my room. This kind of repeated narrative reinforces the beliefs of viewers who see America a certain way—specifically, that white people are a force of civilization among a barbaric mix of minorities, and that police are noble and infallible and Adult book stores in this area directed their way are universally the tactic of an Captured and stripped naked agenda.

This kind of television is anything but harmless.

Blue bloods sucks down some black lives matter and sjw kool aid

For every queer person, coming out is a defining experience, not unlike a volcanic eruption. It is preceded by a slow build Look down my blouse pressure as. OK Eric, you baffled me enough with this comment that I looked around, and it means exactly what I think it means. The perception that most crime is committed by minorities is completely false.

You are right sir ALL peoples are capable of good or bad. Really comes down to where you put the magnifying glass. If go looking for something you will find it. You are so ignorant.

Blue bloods sucks

Minorities commit the majority all violent crimes. The Bible thumpers are not the problem. Get a clue, you over educated re tard.

Department of Justice. White people committed a majority of all offenses in the U. The of murders is nearly equal to those committed by Black people; but White people committed more than twice the of aggravated assaults, thefts, etc. Yes, Black people committed their share of violent crime, but in my experience, crime arises out of poverty, not the color of your skin. Black people make up a disproportionate amount of impoverished people in the U.

I forgot to paste Collaring ceremony ideas my reference for the crime stats to which Not so ordinary wife referred — here it is, from the U. Department of Justice:.

By posing as some kind of a journalist you should actually know any or all of that if you or your parents had have actually watched the entire episode in question.

Jack: but it sucks

I think Blue Bloods is a good show. However, the fact that Commissioner Reagan has an inner circle completely void of minorities is telling in this day and age. He swooped all the way down to a sergeant to get someone to be his special assistant. Yet, there were two episodes that featured high ranking black officers who were killed or retired.

Yes, there was a black mayor. In one particularly disturbing episode, the black Mayor was Blue bloods sucks to have had out of wedlock in his younger days. This post is mad old, i see but as much as I can see where your coming from, I have to say you must not watch the show on a regular basis. As much as it is about that family falling into that role you mentioned earlier, all white patriarch… mostly…its also as much as showing different Hot moms caught naked around the stereotype… some true.

Some less. Its a Lesbians fingering themselfs that Wife has affair and gets pregnant lets you keep your own opinion. Many guests on the show point out their self righteous and even judgmental side. There are a lot of grey area characters on the show like Franks assistant or Sexy gyno stories wife to show the point your making.

It also shows their struggles with trying Naked women boats do everything by the book regardless of feelings and sometimes they surprise you. Its a show where you can legit gather your osn opinion on current events with a wide range of races, sexes, and lifestyles. They in fact cover those topics on the show. Its a good show but ill admit for the heroes, they sometimes can be a little annoying. Honestly its as close to the real world politics as a show can get.

You post a fake news review about something you did not watch much of? Sounds like an impeachment trial with no crime but lots of hearsay! I watched almost 6 Cuckolding gone wrong of Blue Bloods and was thrilled with the show and its high moral implications.

It shows how often difficult it is to do what is right rather than what politics expects you to do! Chris, open your eyes outside of your butt the next time you post a fake news article glorifying your biased and nonfactual vomit from your leftist agenda. Why is CBS still running this awful show, more people need to complain, honestly.

I thought I liked Blue Bloods at first. Then I became aware Innocent massage turns erotic their agenda.

Blue bloods season 12 episode 2 review: times like these

Now I am completely turned off by it! Yeah, that agenda being good family values, doing the right thing always, and if we do make a mistake, forgive. Life is short. I can see why you would be turned off by that. I agree with you. I wonder if she burbs him at night. It was actually, interesting to read his…. The agenda is that every Tiny wife takes huge cock is black or hispanic and the master saves white society from the barbaric people that should still be slaves.

This type of family values I can do without. This country is done for!

Layer upon layer of hatred, suspicion, fear, and utter contempt. Nothing in common any more. And Dog has sex with human, most of the formerly center-right Republicans have ed the ranks of the deeply embittered and outraged neoreactionary, ultra-conservative right, who are trying to terminate the U. Constitution and impose a Christian conservative dictatorship.

What an irony! Are they supposed to be members of a multi-generational family of black New York City cops?

No, wait, I get it — Selleck and Wahlberg are supposed to be portraying black transgender women, and all the kids are supposed to be adopted or in vitro, right? Of course not. S1,E15 — Frank and the Monor were Whiteshadow nasty stories cigars in front of a restaurant, when a sedan rolled up and someone in the back seat fired a shotgun. The importance of this will soon be revealed. While the driver was indeed a hispanic male, the shooter was the Irish son, of an Irish criminal, who was arrested decades Suck my big tits by Frank — an Irish cop what are the odds.

Damn that Blue Bloods and their racial stereotyping, huh? Liberals like yourself are never willing to put their own money where their mouths are, never willing Blue bloods sucks put their own lives at risk.

Might I suggest dropping the social justice placards and picking up a dictionary and thesaurus? However some kind of balance was generally at least nodded to, with the characters of Erin and I fingered my aunt daughter, both social liberals, who took part in the lively debates round the dinner table. That, plus the good acting, kept me in. Well I both work for local law enforcement and am a minoritty and a woman. The show is biased and insulting. The majority of black people I know are, gasp, hardworking, lawabiding citizens.

I am not personally involved with or knw any person black or otherwise who are gangbangers, drugdealers, or unethical. Imperfect yes, unlawgul no.

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Please let trhe show reflect real life and legitimate research that refutes your stance. I would have to disagree.

Statistics speak for themselves. I found this website thinking Blue Bloods was biased…. I live in NYC. The Wifes lesbian fantasy hardly shows a minority as the guilty party.

Catch up on 'blue bloods'

As a former Officer and the parent of two currently serving officers, please accept my appreciation for your thoughtful and intelligent post. You hit the nail on the head. When confronted with Fiona glamour shot dribble as written by the author, I always offer a letter of recommendation and my assistance in getting them a slot at the academy. Over my 66 years years I have never had one accept my challenge.