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She had been my constant companion for a good fifteen terran years before I had lost her, just three years ago.

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How old am I: I'm 28 years old
What is my nationaly: Paraguayan
Gender: I am female
My figure type: My body type is quite skinny
I have tattoo: None

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For anyone confused I mean this as in stories about stretching or getting a body mod that isn't a horror story.

A story you would tell someone about that mod if they wanted the same one. They never took my tips I tried to leave, even if I insisted they take it! I know how hard the customer service industry can be and workers pretty much depend on tips. Oh it's my time to shine!

Man adds 70 piercings across body including 41 on his genitals

I want to express my love for the guy who does my body mods, he's probably my favorite person ever. The first time I went to have something done meatotomy he had to put on these gloves obviously and then asked me if i could help put on this little light on his head so he could see properly.

After I helped him he said ''Huh, I look kind of like a nutty professor now! Me and my wife were so taken aback we abruptly started laughing, it really took the edge off of things back then and found out he's just a bit crazy in a really fun way. He has a daughter and she once came to the store and he told her ''You look beautiful no matter what! He's just a bundle Dirty panty stories joy and so fun to talk to.

Best guy ever.

And I guess to fit the bill a bit better; I also had my ears dermal punched by Pumping mom full of cum and when the bits of ear came out he showed it to me stating "Looks funky doesn't it? He frantically looked around but never found it while I was there. I'm a bodypiercer, so I've saw all types of reactions when i pierce a body.

One time i was about to pierce a girl's septum, and she started to cry because she was afraid of the needle. I calm her down, and did the piercing. After i pierce, I start crying because that's what I do when i see someone crying and SHE calms me down, saying that I did an awesome job, and that I'm amazing hahahahahahahahah I think my heart is made out of butter. Lol when I got my septum pierced I actually smiled as the needle went through. My Mothers swallowing boys cum tubes only watered a bit but I was still smiling ear to ear.

When getting my last tattoos had a chocolate croissant and ended up hand feeding every other bite to Housewife sex tube artist while she worked. I've had my septum pierced and stretched for a while. I always find it funny how often people mistook it for something else!

Super random, but does anyone have any body mod horror stories? (piercings, tattoos, stick and pokes, stretched ears, anything really!)

Usually boogers, but when I went to a music festival people Lesbian college athletes thinking it was cocaine stuck to my face. Lets just say I stopped wearing gold and clear and stick to black septum retainers for now lol. During lunch she asked me something about it and another co-worker goes: «Oh, so it IS new! Years ago, the guy who was at the time teaching me how to pierce professionally at a shop pierced my septum.

That was fun. Even more fun was stretching it a Zatanna zatara sexy times over the next several years. I ended up taking it out and getting it re-pierced in a different state.


My first mod was a Half dollar nipples piercing on my birthday. Piercing that area tends to make you tear up, so the piercer grabbed a cotton ball and dabbed up my tears while saying "don't cry, birthday girl.

My septum was Private vouyer com only piercing I have that made me tear up so I feel your pain, super sweet of him though. Found the internet! Crossposted by 3 years ago.

Man who has tattooed nearly the whole of his body shows what he looked like before inkings

Any other funny body mod story is welcome too! Sort by: best. Reply Share. Aaaaaw this is so cute!

‘body modification’ stories

Continue this thread. Short but sweet: My first mod was a septum piercing on my birthday. More posts from the bodymods community.

For all things related to modifying the human body. Piercings, tattoos, branding, implants, and even plastic surgery - all are welcome topics! Created Jun 21, Top posts august 29th Top Confessions of a mailgirl of august, Top posts Back to Top.