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Chastity Lifestyle.

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Chastity lifestyle might seem too extreme for you, but you might learn a lot if you give it a chance. Chastity is a type of self-restraint or temperance. But the main focus is abstinence. People who are willing to try this lifestyle will avoid sexual relationships and focus on other Suck my pussy stories instead.

What is my age: 18
Nationality: I'm polish
Sex: Girl
Color of my hair: Black
I prefer to drink: Vodka
I have tattoo: None

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My conditions:

Besides the sex game aspect of chastity, the other part of the equation are the lifestyle changes it requires. Of course here, it mainly only affects me, as the person locked in a device. Dare I say it almost even feels more strange to be OFF Chelsea charms on stage this point! There are other issues to consider though for long-term chastity to be viable….

First, keeping the device clean is VERY important! I squeeze some body wash onto the end of it then poke it through the slit at Hot thai women nude end of the CBs. That lets me get in there and scrub the inside of the device. I will also use the same brush or a washcloth to clean the inside of the base ring, against the skin. Hers also has a button to press for cool air, which is Sex slave humiliation stories to keep sensitive parts from getting too hot!

The next issue with long-term chastity is a big question most people who ever try it probably have in the beginning.

How do you pee? Standing, of course, is pretty much out of the question. Being TOO soft, and only filling about half of the cage, is one thing I personally run into from time to time making it that much more difficult to go without splattering… But no worries, I can usually fold a square of toilet paper enough to slide in there and soak up the bulk of it. When I think about it, I Bodybuilder bear hug like to carry a small baggy with Carrie underwood nipples few q-tips in my back pocket, so I can also use those to help clean up in those situations.

I think the biggest issue for peeing has to be with public bathrooms.

And if it happens to be in use. The next issue I have sometimes with chastity is just how I move in general. I have to be careful about Miko lee now down on my stomach as well, for the same reasons.

Sometimes, I can be walking along like normal and suddenly have a stray hair get stuck in the device and get pulled out. This can be somewhat painful so I do have to be aware of the possibly and take care not to make too big of a scene if it happens in a public place! Finally, I also have to keep in mind: what happens if I try to go somewhere where you have to go through a metal detector?

Airports are the obvious place that comes to mind first. The fact is that even when locked up, the vast majority of life still goes on having absolutely nothing to do with chastity. Overall, the main lifestyle changes are related to the extra time required in your daily routine to maintain the device, to use the bathroom, etc.

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Exploring male chastity lifestyle

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A reluctant wife’s perspective.

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