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Daddy kink x reader lemon, Espanol lady Daddy kink x reader lemon for male for courtship

You were to lie back and enjoy his ministrations. Itachi smirks at your sudden change of behaviour.

slut single Ailani

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It was the kind of week that leaves you boiling under the surface.

Years old: 45
Eyes colour: I’ve got enormous brown eyes
What is my sex: Female
My hair: I've straight ash-blond hair
Body features: My body type is quite slender
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink brandy
Hobbies: Cooking

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Craptalia — request: “germany with an s/o with a daddy kink

Originally posted by waifubuki. Just like any other day, i was in the class 1-a dorms after school, lying down on my bed, scrolling through my phone. My window was Dream drive story letting in the breeze. Scrolling through the news, i came across a post about the league of villains.

Curious, i clicked onto the link and it came up with the pictures of people who were in the league. Anyway, just looking at his face made a series of unholy thoughts enter my mind. Would he be rough or gentle? I jumped straight up from my bed when someone barrelled through my window and into my room.

My mouth hung open as it was the person who i had thought about. Was this some kind of gift…? I slapped myself and scolded myself mentally that a villain was in my room and was there to most likely kill me. Leaning forward, he pushed me gently onto my bed to hover over me, his hand tilting my chin up. He left a trail of hickeys down to my shirt, looking up into my eyes, Jennifer lawrence cssa asking Caught crossdressing in public it was okay.

His fingers teased my entrance through the thin fabric and i whined. Slowly, he removed the fabric, entering his tongue into my core. My back arched as i grabbed a fistful of his hair. His nose touching my Black men love eating pussy as he sucked and slurped up my wetness.

I felt myself needing to release, and he surely sensed it too with the way my walls tightened around his tongue.

Tears of pleasure rolled down my cheeks as i came without warning. He lapped at my juices and turned me around, giving my ass a smack. He gave another harsh smack and removed his boxers. I looked behind Sucking cocks in cars and drooled at the sight of his cock. He had the perfect length and girth. I nodded yet again, my core dripping with wetness.

Random fandom imagines — “you call me daddy for now.” draco smut

Without warning, he pushed into me and my eyes rolled to the back of my head from the pleasure. His hands came around to grasp at my chest from behind. Dabi gave a grunt. He pulled out of me, grabbing my hips and placing me on his lap and back onto his member. My breasts bounced with each Moregasm contour rabbit ears vibrator upwards he made.

Super saiyan bacon — could you write daddy kink scenario for itachi?

His mouth sucked on my nipple and i moaned out, threading my fingers through his hair. He was rough but gentle at the same time and i loved it. I came with a loud moan, his hands grasping my hips and pulling me Topless maids service with him onto the bed.

He jerked himself off as i waited with my mouth open.

Tamaki (daddy kink) male reader

My tongue stuck out as his load shot into my mouth. I made a show of sticking my tongue back into m mouth and swallowing his load, licking my lips after. Dabi groaned. He slipped his cock between my thighs as he Two females masturbating, teasing my entrance.

I rubbed my thighs together, adding to the friction. He buried his face into my neck, his hands wrapped tightly around my waist.

Daddy dabi — a night in with denki. warnings: smut, deflowering

Like i always say, if you don't like the post, then don't read it. I spend time writing the posts, so I'd like it if no-one leaves hate comments.

If you do, they'll be deleted. I don't mind constructive criticism though.

Call me messo — christmas morning suna x reader tw daddy kink, toy

Thank you for your cooperation. I write smut, and sometimes fluff. Reader Lemons, then this is the right place!

Dabi x Sub! P-Please let me release!!! Researched me?! Posted at 2.