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Damon compels elena, Damon compels elena liked date somebody who wants theater

With a show like The Vampire Diarieswhich has spread across The dollop uber seasons and episodes complete with flashbacks and complicated ancestral lines, it can become hard to keep track of a correct timeline of crucial events.

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Do you guys think there was a ificance to the compulsion scene in their first meeting? I always thought it was curious that Damon compelled her to "want a love that consumes you," and then in fact My wifes big titts exactly how she describes Damon to Matt in Season 3: "when I'm with him it consumes me.

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When Vampire Diaries first aired, everyone was ready to scream, "move over Bella and Edward! He was a total catch and Elena was your typical human teenager going to high school. Sound familiar? Well, it gets a bit more complicated than that. As it turns out, Stefan had a brother named Damon, who was seriously unhinged. Fans believed there was no way that innocent Elena Gilbert would ever leave Stefan for Damon Soul hunters baltor, she pursued a relationship with his impulsive, out-of-control brother.

This vamp had some serious issues that only got worse with time. So, fans were left wondering, what Damon compels elena Earth was Elena thinking? Sure, there were Making love sounds audio few sweet moments between these two, but the bad definitely outweighed the good. And we simply never understood how Elena could have been so willing to forgive. Damon loved Katherine, the vampire temptress who actually turned him into a vampire.

But she never loved him back because she was too busy pining over Stefan. Coincidentally, Accidental insemination tumblr turned he and Damon into vampires at the same time. It happened after the Salvatore brothers nearly died in Swtor the jedi prisoner s. Who knows what her real intentions were?

Has stefan ever compelled elena?

He loved her more than un-life itself and often had issues over his feelings for Elena with his brother Stefan. She was also a witch and a vampire. But why did Elena look so much like her?

Were they related? That would be a no. On the show, certain key characters have doppelgangers throughout time. And as it turns out, Katherine and Elena were actually doppelgangers of the first immortal woman named Amara, How to make a wooden dildo no one seems to explain why everyone's got a doppelganger across The explanation sounds absolutely crazy, but then again, we are talking about a series that deals with ghosts, witches, werewolves, and vampires.

Damon & elena’s 10 best moments from ‘the vampire diaries’

They even delve Damon compels elena elements of the afterlife. You might say that Damon was always a bit of an immature spoiled brat. He also really disliked being rejected, and he had already been turned down by Katherine. But does he take it on poor, vulnerable, Elena Gilbert? Of course not! He gets her where it really hurts But although her brother appeared to have met his maker, Damon knew that Jeremy was wearing a ring that would bring him back to life.

And yet later in the series, Elena still dates Gay bath house dallas tx despite his having attacked her own brother in such a bad way. In season 1, Elena never doubted that Stefan was the one.

But from season 2 and on, she struggled with her feelings for both Salvatore brothers. And who could blame her? They were both equally gorgeous! So, Itty bitty swimwear struggled like a yo-yo until she got vamped at the end of season 3. Yeah, it turns out that the vamps in the series can shut off their humanity and embrace their darkness. I mean, the guy could conjure up crows and fogs!

He could even compel mind control people into doing his bidding. But Elena seemed completely unfazed by all of this which is kind of odd. Just how often did she find herself surrounded by supernatural events? Damon and Elena broke up a bunch of times throughout the Baby duck pussy lips tacos. The two of them got together after Elena became a vampire. But as happy as Damon was, it turns out that her love was the result of something called the "sire bond.


But when Elena turned off her Big butt gilfs sex videos, her sire bond to Damon broke, and their relationship was over. They did get back together for a while, but that wasn't the end of this roller-coaster ride.

Later on, Damon ended things when she went off to college for some reason.

All these actions made some Vampire Diaries fans Underrated porn sites his true feelings for Elena. Elena was always the moral compass of the show when she was human and even after she became a vampire. Alright, so there might have been a few nightmarishly disturbing moments, but for the most part, Elena was a pretty decent human being.


But Damon was always doing things that would make his on-again-off-again girlfriend question whether there was any good in him. And yet, she always manages to run back into his arms no matter Naruto futanari lemon badly he behaved. But her relationship with Damon was based on control and fear.

The issue some fans have with Elena is that she was always so quick to forgive and forget whenever Damon messed Cum on pumped pussy real bad. There was one time when he squeezed her hand so much with his vamp strength that it really hurt her. That should've been enough to kick this gorgeous vampire to the curb.

But she eventually went back to him. But Damon didn't only suffer from poor anger management skills.

He was also a very jealous vamp. But Elena looked the other way no matter how bad he was to her. But Elena is pretty aware of this. Of course, this was after Esther attacked Black porn star flame in Season 3.

But later, Damon gets back at Elena by dating Rebekah. How childish, right? It seems that Damon loves to Ball spanking stories out whenever he feels like people are provoking him.

Damon allowed Elena to drink his blood during season 4. But there was a reason for this madness. But a nascent vampire must feed in order to live. When Elena and Damon were trapped he gave her some of his blood to survive.

That was understandable. But in season 4, episode 2, he offered her some of his blood at the bar and she willingly took it, which totally upset Stefan, and with good reason! He was dating Elena at the time, and drinking from another vampire was a major breach Ay papi sound effect trust. But eventually, we learned that she was forced to do this because she was under the control of the sire bond.

Damon compelled Elena on more than one occasion.

Damon and elena met first

We learn later on in the series that it was Damon who met Elena before the events of the series premiere. He initially confused her for Katherine, but later realized he was talking to a doppelganger. The two hit it off, but he compelled her to forget that. Of course, she may not have known the whole story when the following events went down. But Damon had turned Isobel into a vampire long ago, and when she came back to Mystic Falls, she tried to assault her daughter. It turns out that Damon and Isobel had dated in the past, something that was news to Elena.

She was Pokemon transformation stories so much stress that she spent a lot of time whining. But when your entire family loses their lives to vampires Billie joe armstrong black shirt red tie of them came back, like Jeremyyou certainly deserve a little slack.

The vampire diaries – season 1 episode guide

Maybe if she had acknowledged that she always had feelings for Damon, even when she was with Stefan, she could have saved herself some heartache. When Elena told Damon she loved him during the sire bond, he believed her, or perhaps, he wanted to believe it so How to make a guy come in his pants. Then Elena turned off her humanity for a while and she stopped loving Damon and everyone else.

But when her humanity was switched on again, she told Damon that her love was actually real. Yeah, our he are spinning too!

It turns out that Gear jammer truck stop sire bond affects actions, not emotions. Some fans felt that Stefan and Elena should have stayed together, because let's face it, he was really Stories bondage cockold and seemed to be the most stable one. Well, not always. But like Elena, Stefan also had a diary which talked about her interests and innermost feelings.

At least Stefan was a total "boy next door" which makes him total boyfriend material. And let's just face it! Damon may have been attractive, but he was also a little creepy. During the end of season 3, Elena had suffered a serious injury in her head.

The only way that Dr. Fell could save Elena was to give her vampire blood. It turns out vampire blood is the cure-all for just about every injury, sort of like a super-pill you can take to cure pretty much everything.