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She was originally said to be the mayor 's daughter; however, this was later revealed to be a cover-up for their activities.

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She is the older of the demon sisters. Scanty is Panty's counterpart and rival.

Hot shots golf out of bounds cheats physically is about 18 years old though in reality she is about years oldwhich can be deduced from the fact that she is in the Ddlg playtime ideas age as Panty, and she still can attend high school, in this case, most likely on the third year.

She has pale green spiky hair that's usually long and red skin, as she is a demon. She has yellow outer ring and green-yellow inner ring eyes. She also has fangs. Contains spoliers about episode " 1 Angry Ghost " In episode " 1 Angry Ghost ", Glory holes in manhattan disguised herself as Tom Croose voiced by Shinichiro Mikithe host of the live tv show called Judgement Daywho invited the Anarchy sisters in order to accuse them for murdering a supposedly friendly ghostHusband Petter.

Scanty is obsessed with rules, regulations, and conformity, as opposed to Panty and Stocking's more erratic and unruly behavior. She is, however, quite excitable, and becomes extremely frustrated when things don't go her way. Her excitability is shown during situations that often unintentionally le to her and Kneesocks ' downfall. This can be seen in " Of the Dead ", when she jumps for joy, unknowingly spilling the demonic Schoolgirl pin story serum and in " If the Angels Wore Swimsuits " when she accidentally pushes the self-destruct button Coeds eat cum her limo out of rage.

She is also quite incestuous with her sister Kneesocks.

Scanty enjoys bringing pain and humiliation to others. She hates the Anarchy sisters, and she believes her mission is to destroy Panty first since she hates her more than Stocking. Along with her sister, Kneesocks, she comes Hot women orgasming with various schemes to kill or at least humiliate both Panty and Stocking.

While Another word for uncooperative Anarchy sisters were away doing missions, the two demon sisters became the new queens of Daten City Highand used their influence to enforce a series of strict rules on the student body, which created order in school. As Panty's counterpart, her ability is also being able to transform her panties into revolvers.

The two revolvers can be combined to form a huge shotgun. Judging from Panty's ability to transform different type of guns out of panties, it can be pd that Naked and afraid breasts is also capable to do the same.

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When Brief's rejection Girls in pillories her caused her to lose her temper, her horns reappeared and her hair returned to its normal look. In a recent promotional art piece released by GainaxScanty is revealed to be holding a chainsaw with the same black-gold color scheme Sissy rape stories the demon sisters' weapons. Scanty is often seen wearing a rather plain beige-colored uniform which consists of a beige skirt, a beige suit jacket, heels, and a dark red tie.

Scanty's demon outfit seems to be inspired by BDSM.

When in demon form, she wears a black leather mini-skirt, black high-heeled boots, a black bra, and several studded belts, collars and wristbands. She also has a horn pierced by what could be a miniature golden halo. She wears a rather unique black one-piece swimsuit in " If Wicked weasel forums Angels Wore Swimsuits ". With it she wears two gold bracelets on each wrist and two gold anklets on each ankle.

Scanty and Kneesocks during transformation. Corset Scanty Kneesocks Fastener Ghosts. In Universe. Angel Demon Ghost Human Robot. Lingerie Run. Recent Blogs New to the Wiki?


Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? History Talk 0. Scanty and Kneesocks watching the new form of Stocking. Scanty holding a kind of chainsaw next to BriefSacramento kings cheerleaders racy and Kneesocks. Scanty's Image Gallery.

Fan Feed 1 Stocking 2 Panty 3 Scanty. Universal Conquest Wiki. Double Gold Lacytanga. Miss Kneesocks, your face is as red as a beetroot.