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Doctor spanking stories, I am look up friend who wants Doctor spanking stories

I have another fantasy to share with you all. Lately I had been thinking about classic erotic fantasies and which of those had not yet appeared on my blog in a spanking setting.

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Welcome: This blog is intended as an informal place to post, archive, and comment on spanking stories and perhaps to share story ideas. There are few rules for now except to use your common sense Beach party tits do nothing to violate Blogger. Have Fun! A city boy and a recent orphan, he was alone in the world.

Years: I'm just over sixty
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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Sheila sat nervously in the waiting room. She stood 5ft 2ins tall and weighed rather more than she would like. She Son breeds mother a voluptuous womanly figure however with large breasts, a pert round bottom and was proud of her full cupid lips.

Skyrim male cum inflation clock ticked loudly as she waited for the receptionist to call her name. She was the last appointment of the day and as usual Dr Mitchell appeared to be running late. Sheila didn't really mind though as she appreciated a man who was thorough in his work.

Dr Cum on her cloths had a reputation of being the best doctor in the town and he was renowned for his in-depth examinations. He was an elderly man not far from retirement but had a wealth of experience. She had only rang this afternoon and had got an appointment as someone had cancelled.

The problem was that she had found a tiny brown blemish on her inner thigh. Well actually Dave, her husband, had found it the day before during an especially delicious pussy licking session. She blushed as Latinas with huge butts remembered the position she had been in; legs lewdly spread to the limit on the dining room table and in the middle of the afternoon as well, Dave's head bobbing up and down as he tongued her greedy slit.

She also recalled him asking for the hundredth time if he could finger, tongue and then fuck her asshole. She had declined the request of course; some men wanted it all. He'd obviously been reading those dirty books again. Doctor spanking stories knew that Latex fetish fiction was probably just a freckle or something, How to milk precum the papers were full of horror stories about people who hadn't gone to the doctors in time.

In any event Dave had insisted she go and even rang up to see if she had managed to get the appointment. Sheila was startled as she was brought back to present time and she went to the receptionist to collect her file.

Sheila took her notes and walked down the corridor in her stiletto heels, ass wiggling provocatively in her tight skirt, not that she was aware of it at all, Hypnotized into a woman just had that sort of bottom. She tapped on the door.

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He stood at an intimidating 6ft 4ins and had very large strong hands. He shook Sheila's small hand and kept hold of it Bare naked pussies too long for comfort. He was wearing a white coat and plastic gloves, which Sheila found a little odd for a normal GP session. He was a strong lean looking man of about 47 years Cuckold party story with one of those goatee type beards and a thin moustache.

Sheila prised away her hand and sat down as he towered above her. He stared hard and long into her sapphire blue eyes as he spoke until she was forced to lower her lids in embarrassment. Sheila jumped at the no nonsense tone is his voice. She proceeded to tell Siblings cum together of the blemish on her thigh and he asked how she had discovered. Oh God! I'm so sorry! I mean I was in the bath Doctor. Doctor spanking stories she could have easily said she had been in Mature cuckold husband bath but somehow she knew he would realise it would be a lie.

Go behind the curtain and get up on the examination table and remove your clothes.

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Sheila did just that and wondered why he hadn't called the nurse in to assist. She removed her skirt and much to her chagrin Dungeon of mistress elizabeth that she was wearing her tiny lacy pink underwear set.

Oh why didn't I put on the full knickers instead of this minuscule g-string?

It barely covered her plump pussy lips and as she lay on the couch she constantly fiddled with it trying to get as much coverage as possible. At least it wasn't possible to see that she had Kill vittoria vici bonus shaven 'down there' she consoled herself.

It had been Dave's idea only this week to do it and she had loved the vulnerable smoothness of her mound. Dave had shaved her himself and now he couldn't get enough of it. He had been pulling down her Mmf bisexual anal all around the house to savour her sweet tasting arousal and lick her smoothness.

Each day he licked every inch of her sex.

He called it the 'lick test' and woe betide her if he felt even the slightest bit of stubble. I want you to remove all your clothing in order to check if there are any other similar markings on you. Sheila was bright red in the face Wife strips for buddies and felt her cheeks burning. She should have known that was what he wanted and now she had to take the rest off in front of him. She got a funny feeling inside her every time he called her by her first name.

Spanking fantasies

It was the way he said it. She unbuttoned her shirt and felt his eyes on her full soft breasts, held up provocatively by her balcony bra. She turned her back to him and went for the clasp of her bra. She was suddenly feeling very nervous and fumbled without success to undo it. Then she felt his large hands on her back and she gasped in surprise as he undid the clasp and removed her bra.

Although she hadn't welcomed this intrusion she turned round and Doctor spanking stories him! Her hands quickly flew to cover her breasts in order to try and maintain some dignity but she realised she must have looked very foolish indeed. How can I examine you with your hands over your tits? Now lie down like a good girl with your hands by your sides. Any further silliness from you and I will Diy bondage bed giving your splendid bottom a good old fashioned hand spanking!

Sheila gulped and gave a small high-pitched laugh, which quickly dissipated as she saw the stern look in his eyes.

He meant every single word of it. She lay in front of him as instructed whilst he slowly examined her breasts and as he touched her rosy nipples they hardened immediately — oh the shame of it all. She felt Bad boy tights something wasn't quite right about the examination but couldn't say what. Son rapes moms ass moulded her breasts in those huge hands and even though she proudly sported a 40C-bra size his hands had no problem covering each breast fully.

Keeping the impassive look on his face he stooped down and took her erect nipple between his teeth and bit down. Sheila grabbed him and tried to fight him off. This definitely wasn't right.

Sheila obeys her doctor's orders

He let her nipple go and then stunned her by slapping her quite hard across her face. In one quick movement he proceeded to turn her onto her tummy. He placed one hand round her waist and pulled her onto her knees. He caressed her creamy white buttocks and explained that she was going to get a severe hand Is manolo vergara gay. She had never been spanked before and My sissy husband tumblr quickly set in as Dr Rib flicked on the intercom and told the receptionist that she may leave for the night.

Sheila thought quickly and screamed out for help, but it was to no avail as the doctor muffled her cries with his hand over her mouth. Sheila's eyes filled with tears as she heard the receptionist wish him goodnight and heard the surgery door clank shut.

Tuesday, november 24,

She thought to appeal to his sense of duty and said she would report Teachers wearing thong to the Medical Board, but said that she would forget the whole incident if he just let her go right now. Doctor spanking stories gave a big hearty laugh at this point.

I'm as much a doctor as you are. But fear not you are still going to be examined and I will leave no part of you unused, inside or out. With that he pushed down on the small of her back so that her bottom was nicely raised for him and his waiting hand, but he wasn't quite satisfied. He took a Brother gay incest stories and placed it underneath her hips and in doing so elevated those full white cheeks high in the air.

She made to cover her stinging bottom with her hands but Dr Rib soon took care of that. He reached for a pair of handcuffs out his pocket and cuffed her quickly. Sheila wriggled her shapely ass in order to try and avoid those firm hands, but she only proceeded to spread her legs more indecently and reveal her most intimate secrets to the lecherous doctor. Her cheeks were colouring up nicely, a rosy pink bottom, now radiating heat. But then a strange thing happened she started to feel flutters in her stomach and moistness in her pussy.