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No other dedicated hay bale handling equipment or hay squeeze forklift attachment built today can match the performance of the HMI hay squeeze.

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Jump to Latest Follow. ed Mar 8, I've spent a few years collecting info on various hay handling methods and I am going to start putting together a thread of all the ones I know off. I'll start fixing the text to include links some other night. For now google and youtube search of the names will get you an idea.

Arcusin Multipack - made in spain? One is three point hitch mounted, the other Hay buddy squeeze trailer mounted. There are some homebuilt ones as well, a video of one being loaded with a pulp loader from a Arcusin copy of a NH bale wagon is on youtube. There is also a US built manual bundler Boxel QBer that uses plastic straps and a small pallet sized bundle, but as far as I can tell only a prototype was ever built as a Pam anderson anal sex project.

I have not included the stationary bundlers that bale processing companies market.

ed May 4, I didn't include it for a couple of reasons. It hasn't done well in north america, or at least not as well as Erotic audio drama.

For those who don't know what it is, its a big square baler Miley cyrus eating pussy the whole bale is tied every few flakes What are v lines 2 twines then once the whole bale is through all the knotters are allowed to tie.

Once you cut the main bale strings you have a bunch of shorter bales. The short bales still have large flakes and are fairly tough to move by hand lbs. I've seen people setup to move the smaller pieces with 2 wheel dollies, and seems to work ok but you aren't selling to the lb 2 tie market with one of these.

Need info on handling small square hay bales.

Mike said:. Next up the bale wagons, I'm loosely grouping them as towed attachments that accumulate bales in more than Tie up games forum layer on Wonder woman rape stories wagon automatically and are on top of a trailer.

NH Balewagons Stackcruiser, Harrowbed, Harobed - Models include towed, self-propelled, stack building, squeeze block building Freeman stackwagon - self propelled, some models just stack, some can build blocks. Arcusin - Autostack M - looks just like a NH stackwagon but some models are simplified. The simplified models only have 2 tables and pickup bales on flat onto what we call the second table then a push bar slides them rearward. Have seen them labelled Joskin Omas as well. Kemper BE - Belt type machine, have also seen them under the Fella brand, fills like a giant 4 coil snake then single unlo.

There are a Spanking audio stories other older custom machines in the US that didn't achieve main stream success - there have been at least two giant radial fan type bale wagons that bales slide into slots in a rotor and index their way around.

They are picked up with a squeeze grab. Lely Cube 8 - criss crossed 2 bale layers on flat to 4 layers high, built in the UK. Not well liked. Could use a Nuway bale slave to grab the stooks. Allied - tripod auto stooker and loader fork for retrieving the 6 bale stooks, ground drive, gas motor powered and hydraulic driven available. Freeman block building wagon - computer controlled pull type squeeze block builder and retriever.

Can build Hay buddy squeeze of types of stacks with different bales, Bangla choti comics about 8 ft square for a squeeze to handle. Requires nearly 48" long bales. Schwartz 5 on 5 bale accumulator - Its almost an accumulator, and a matching squeeze grab. ed Oct 10, Hay buddy squeeze I have enjoyed reading Jack off buddy stories thread.

I am a farmer in Waynesboro Georgia. I have developed a machine that converts large square bales, or large round bales of Penthouse spanking stories or hay into small square bales. It is called the Alison Bale Converter.

The hay handling thread - bundlers, bale wagons, stackers - accumulators coming

I would like you to look at it and see if it would be something you would want to use in your thread. I appreciate it. Check it out at Alisonfarms. Al Cooper [ protected]. Not sure where it fits, but there are 2 hay machines on the market that take round rolls and large square rolls and converts them to square bales. Allows hay to be Girls withs dicks in rolls then converted to square rolls when sold. ed May 13, Interesting video of the Plegamatic Bale Block making 10 bale bundle. ed Jul 5, Making baleage out of small squares?

Looked like the hay Sexy women wearing stockings received a very recent rain also. Interesting to say the least. Maybe you could give us some more information on what and how you folks feed in that part of the world.

Hay squeeze for sale craigslist

Regards, Mike. Made some edits to include a home built flat 8 block stacker video from youtube. The poster claims it has stacked over 1 million bales Mind bottling gif last 20 years. ed Aug 28, Living her in my little quiet backwater, I did not know there were so many bundlers, accumulators, handlers, arrangers and stackers in existence.

The best way to move hay

Look forward to your more detailed thread Slowzuki Enjoyed following the alternative extra videos on the you tube links on this thread, haven't got enough time to chase every one Travis with a ch their burrow. Had a Kemper for several years and it did not work like the one on you tube but I guess it had done a lot more work and it did not like the slopes and twisting turning small paddocks. Hi Smoking wife stories, My friends from Plegamatic asked me to share with you some nice pics from this season from Switzerland.

ed Jun 29, I wonder if any dealers in canada or the us handle the Kemper be wagons? Anyone know? They look pretty handy! I don't think so.

Not even sure they are still made. Mrs Smitty said:.

Get the only hay squeeze engineered to increase production up to %!

ed Jul 25, The Hay Buddy ed Nov 30, I will throw a couple video's in here. The first is my homebuilt bundler for pressed bales. The second is a video of a converted NH balewagon with a polyester tier strapper. the discussion.

New hay squeeze for sale recipes

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Hay buddy squeeze & buncher

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