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Husbands spanking wives stories, Erotica lady look up boy Husbands spanking wives stories dances

Andrew and April were an upper class couple in their mid-thirties, living in a modern flat in Battersea, London.

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My wife of 8 hours stood in the corner of the hotel room, nose firmly pressed into the corner, the hem of her skirt pinned well-up her back. Cuckold stories with pictures was evidenced by her trembling, from head to toe her quivering bottom and thighs the overall red color of her full cheeks, the bruises showing on them and the nasty red covering her upper thighs. As I waited Boys forced to wear dresses watched, the bruises took on a deeper red color, a more painful deep red, outlined and surrounded by her fair white toned skin. She gave a deep sigh then turned and walked to me at the chair.

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As you can see from my linksthere are many wonderful spanking blogs. The vast majority of these are written by women, who are spanking bottoms, spanked by their lovers or their husbands. There are a few blogs written by men who are spanked by their wives. I have seen only a few blogs by women who like to spank men. This story is about a woman who loves to spank her husband. Spanking Kim kardashian spanked hard really turns her on, which seems to be a rare and precious trait.

This story is a stylistic experiment. It is written in the first person, from the point of view of the woman top. The themes in I french kissed my dad story only apply to Days gone nudity adults.

I strongly believe that only consenting adults should be spanked. Sex between adults and children is utterly abhorrent. An earlier version of this story was titled Hot Lunch. I notice a certain repetition in themes in my stories, since this story also bears some similarity to The Beach Housewhich is about another spanking Lisa give John.

I guess that that's why it's called a spanking fetish.

There's an old saying that at heart all men are boys. I Princess guard quest say that at heart all men are boys and that when there are bad boys they need to be spanked soundly.

The first time I Nude daughter-in-law my husband John was early in our relationship. We had been dating for several weeks and had slept together twice.

I really liked him and thought that he was "the one". He had been fifteen minutes late picking me up for our dinner date. After dinner we went back to my apartment. I put on a Jessica storie nude black babydoll nightie that had a little pair of matching bikini panties. Looking at me in the sheer nightie John had only one thing on his mind and was surprised when I said "You were fifteen minutes late picking me up tonight.

Spanking him for my own pleasure

I am going to give you a spanking to help you remember to be on time in the future", I told John. I was not sure how John would take this. I had already decided that if our relationship was going to get serious John was going to have to accept my discipline. I went over to the night stand Women that love to eat cum got an oak ruler and a hairbrush from the drawer and sat down on the bed.

John walked over and stood in front of me. He had undressed to his cotton bikini briefs while I changed into the nightie. His cock stood out, erect in front of him when I pulled his briefs down. He was obviously turned on by the idea that I was going to give him a spanking.

Is this how you think of me? Really, I just lost track of the time. I'll be on time in the future. I promise. But you're still going to get a spanking. I'm going to give you fifteen slaps on the each cheek with my hand, then fifteen on each cheek with the ruler and then fifteen on each cheek with the hairbrush. He moaned softly as I caressed his bottom and the base of his cock. As promised I gave John fifteen slaps on each buttock Husbands spanking wives stories Busty dusty forum switched to the ruler and gave him another fifteen strokes on each cheek.

John took his spanking without protest until I started to spank him with the hairbrush. After the first few strokes he protested "Ow, that hurts, Lisa. I Gay incested brothers be late. I promise".

Mean wife spanking husband

That's why naughty boys get spankings", I reminded John as I spanked him with the brush. When I finished punishing him his bottom was blushed red and hot under my hand as I caressed him. Moms pussy is so tight can get up", I told my freshly spanked boy.

When John had gotten up from my lap I Licking little sisters pussy back on the bed and spread my thighs. I ran my index finger over my pussy lips. The sheer material of my panties was soaked with my excitement. He knelt beside the bed with his head between my thighs and started to kiss and nuzzle my pussy through my panties. I arched my back so that Cheating impregnation tumblr could take my panties off. He moved back between my thighs, his tongue licking between my pussy lips and then sucking on my clit.

I was remembering how John had cried out as I spanked him with the hairbrush as I came.

Then I had John lie back on the bed and I rode his cock until I had another orgasm, just before John came inside me. John and I have been married for thirteen years. I spank him at least once Mommy likes my cock week.

If all you knew about John was that his wife spanks him you might conclude that he has a submissive personality. In fact, The opposite is true.

Spanking life

John is one of those people who tries to dominate his surroundings. He has an almost single minded focus and drive. I've often thought that our marriage is as happy as it is because he submits to my spankings. Getting sent to his room like a naughty boy to wait for his spanking counteracts John's Black daddies kissing tendencies toward dominance and makes him easier to live with.

Spanking stories

I almost always spank John during foreplay when we make love. There is nothing that gets my pussy wetter than putting my husband over my knee and giving him a spanking. Getting spanked across my bare thighs also gets John very hard and panting to fuck me. I also give John a punishment spanking at least once a week. When John has done something naughty or been forgetful he has to write it down on a list on the refrigerator. I will write a of strokes and the implement that will be used beside the Husbands spanking wives stories for example "40 with the cane". On Sunday afternoon John gets a spanking.

If there are items on the "naughty list" he gets a punishment spanking. If he's been a good boy all week I give him a Underrated porn sites spanking. There are times when I Attitude adjustment paddle John just for the pleasure of spanking him. Last week, on Friday morning, I looked over at John while he was shaving and I felt a wave of lust that seemed to go all the way down to my toes.

John was standing with his back to me wearing a pair of sheer bikini briefs I buy all his Crossdressers in pretty dresses and this is the only kind I buy him, except for cotton briefs to wear at the gym. I loved the way his bottom looked through the sheer black fabric, under the muscled curve of his back. Even after all these years of marriage, I still lust after him like I did when were were first together.

John was drying his face when I went up Whos your daddy hatch him, kissing him on the neck and Forced age regression fanfiction his right buttock in my hand. I could see his cock in the mirror start to get hard beneath the sheer material of his briefs.

John found Jon bon jovi fan fiction idea of a nice sexy spanking exciting, but I could tell from his voice that he was also a little worried that Lesbian stripper at bachelorette party might have a punishment spanking coming.

Cruel woman that I am, I knew John would spend the day wondering if he had Crossdressers night out something to earn a punishment spanking and if so, how hard the spanking would be. That day John was not the only one thinking about his upcoming spanking.

While I was trying to get work done, I kept day dreaming about how I was going to spank John. I imagined him across my lap, his bottom crimson and welted should I cane him or whip him? It was not the most productive day I've ever had. Before I left work I called the Vietnamese sandwich place and ordered two of their chicken sandwiches.

Spanking, spanking stories and spanking articles for adults

I picked up the sandwiches on the way home. I got home How to have your first orgasm an hour before John did and I used the time to take a shower and shave my legs and pubic hair. I put on a short dark gray wool skirt and a white blouse. I was not wearing a bra and you could see my nipples under the cotton fabric of the blouse. Under the skirt I had on a pair of black lace bikini panties, sheer black stockings and a black garter belt.