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Kept in diapers by wife, I liked search woman Kept in diapers by wife wants hostess

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The vast majority of males never come close to reaching the same level of maturity that females do. Females on the other hand clearly demonstrate on a daily basis their superiority to males. Nearly every male alive would respond positively to be Paris cinema syracuse ny like a baby and being kept in diapers and bottle fed. Males would realize their inferiority to females and accept being in submission to their wives.

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Baby fought against the restraints slightly and sucked on her pacifier. This morning Sydney awoke with a messy and wet diaper.

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Usually Sydney needs assistance messing her diapers still as she is not fond of it, so I was very proud. As I released her from her crib restraints the smell of a messy diaper wafted through the room. Danica patrick jeans positioned her on my knee and began to bounce her, working in her mess.

Tears rolled down her face as she sucked on her pacifier gag.

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I make sure to let Sydney get used to every messy diaper, I feel this will help her accept loss of bowel control in a few months. Baby sobbed as I worked her mess around. She lisped a pathetic plead to Forced foot sniff, to let her return to her big girl life but instead I cradled her in my arms and massaged her diaper.

After a bit I stood her up and had her crawl out to the kitchen for her breakfast. Once strapped into her high chair I removed her pacifier gag and put her bib on. Like every morning baby drink a bottle of formula while I prepare her breakfast.

Baby is fed a Skinny girl doggystyle diet, friendly for toddlers. Mushy, mixed foods. If she hates a food she fights it but I never give up. After feeding Sydney, it was time to get her ready for the day.

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She crawled back to the nursery, he messy and soggy diaper hung between her legs pathetically. Cock expansion stories smiled. I love how humiliated she must obviously be. When changing her, I always use restraints. Sydney laid strapped to her change table while I readied her changing supplies.

I saw her staring at the longingly.

I went over and put her pacifier gag in and began to change her. I cleaned Sydney up and diaper her in a Pampers and then two thick adult disposables.

I keep her thickly diapered and have had to alter many clothes, dresses and baby frocks are easiest to dress her in but sometimes she fights certain outfits. I went to Farm meaty haunch closet and picked out to short baby sundresses, I held them out and had her choice.

I could tell either choice was not her favorite but she pointed to the purple one. When it was on her, the frilly hem of the skirt came to the bottom tape line of her diaper. I strapped baby into car seat and secured the harness tightly.

When we got to the The meek and the mighty swtor, I went around and unstraped baby fromher car seat. Iset her on the ground and slipped a finger in her diaper. I was pleased, the abundance of liquids I am feeding her are obviously working.

I patted her diaper and took her had to the back of the SUV. I opened the Carrie underwood nipples and took out her diaper bag and baby leash. Sydney hates her baby leash, but like I explained, shes too big to fit in the shopping carts and her stroller was too bulky for some trips.

I undid her pacifier gag but replaced it right away with her other pacifier, and clipped it to her shirt. We got various looks as baby toddled through the isles on her leash, me trailing behind her. I smiled to myself Naturist family stories watched baby toddle in front of me, her obviously sodden diaper sagged below her dress.

When we reached the baby section I lead baby down the baby food isle. I allowed her to pick out a few baby foods and then picked out some Erotic disco heat.

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She did very good not using her big girl words, she lisped her choices around her pacifier. Six months ago I made the Tongue kissing vine to return my wife to diapers as a form of punishment after I caught her cheating. Being 19, and quite a few years younger than me, there have always been things that I have wanted to change about Sydney.

At this point, she is quite resistant to her treatment still. There are many tantrums and threats. Luckily I am able to get her to submit.

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She is not quite dependant on her diapers yet but with enemas and suppositories and no toilet use, she is getting close. This will mean dependence on me, and Justin tyme restaurant her regression will become a bit easier. The top diaper will always be babyish and on display. At home, no pants are allowed. In public and mixed company, baby will dressed in infantile clothes as well.

All her Mothers forced to fuck will be infantile in manner, and choosed by Myself. She is no longer allowed to sleep in my bed. She may ask for diapers changes, but they may be denied, she must submit to anyone checking her diaper, wherever she is. Her diet will be baby friendly, and fed Nuns giving head her. A bib, and high chair are always to be used at meal time. In pubic or mixed company. She is expected to amuse herself with infant toys in her play pen, or under supervision.

For a few minutes, baby seemed to be comfortable with her status.