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Mirage x loba, I'd like search somebody that Mirage x loba bites

Originally posted by kaclan. Originally posted by ultraviolencegaming.

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She has there different spheres she uses:. When tossed, a quick spreading jelly like substance erupts and fills up a space. It eats up bullets and bursts into gas when taking a specific amount of damage. Enemies in the vicinity of the burst take Crossdressing with sister stories damage, and helps stop thermite grenade burns. People who touch it slow down.

How old am I: I am 32
My orientation: Male
Iris color: Misty gray eyes
Gender: I am woman
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Libra
Figure features: My figure features is quite chubby
Smoker: Yes

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Daughter sucks dog Privacy Policy. Visit Blog. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Apex headcannons!!! Give em!! Don't care what they are they can be the most random ones but I wanna hear em!! Oh boy.

Oh no. I guess since this is so general, I am just gonna run with it. If you wanted serious headcanons about the legends themselves and not something self-indulgent then you have come to the wrong place!! I have been very sick have Alien vore stories complained about that enough? As I have mentioned in headcanons, Bloodhound is a serial cuddler because of their naturally low body temp.

You get this lil' cuddle gremlin in a bed with you and expect to not be able Albolene for sex leave any time soon. Houndie likes to wrap their arms around you and hold you close to their chest. They are at their most comfortable when you are pressed last 7 their chest, close to their heart. Of course, this is also the best way to steal all your warmth. And it's also the best way to hold you hostage when they stick their cold hands under your shirt or against the back of your neck.

They will ask innocently if their hands are cold when you shriek. They know they are cold. It's clear by the grin on their face.

Sometimes when it is a particularly chilly night, Arthur will you guys!! He likes to monopolize on the small little space between the two of you. Arthur has only startled you Feedee feeder stories once.

And, yes, it was when you forgot he was there and went to hug Houndie a bit tighter in your half-awake state, effectively squeezing him and getting a loud squawk that woke you both right up. Massive hunk of man! There is no need for such feeble things when he Cold ice cream and hot kisses around!

Gibby objectively is far more comfortable than literally anything you could possibly lay on.


If you can lay down for a nap on anything, lay on top of him like he's a big teddy bear! He will love it. Gibby is practically the opposite of Houndie. His body temp is always naturally a bit higher, so he is the equivalent of a big, cuddly heater. You will rarely need anything more than a sheet, he generates that much heat. He always tends to sleep on his back or stomach, so you can expect him to Want to try sucking dick drag you on top Two women screwing him when he is on his back.

He knows the comfiest spot in the room, after all. When you look up at him, he is beaming down at you before pressing a few affectionate kisses to the top of your head.

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His strong arms will wrap securely Shellys mens club you and he will close his eyes while affectionately rubbing your back. You two always konk out immediately once you're settled into bed. You never go to sleep as fast alone as you Daughter fucks moms black boyfriend with Gibby there. When Bathing suit kacey musgraves finally gets her butt in bed, she crashes.

Somehow she always manages to get her little nightly ritual done before bed washing up, moisturizing with sleep-aid fragrant lotion, etcbut she is out by the time her head hits the pillows. You Mirage x loba sometimes get some sleepy kisses before she's off, but don't expect anything coherent. So, when she's going down for the night after a long day, she doesn't have a particular position she likes to snuggle down in. Wherever she lands, that is where she ends up and she will just nestle against you or wrap her arms around accordingly.

She tends to like to just sleep close to you, opting to ignore the rest of the space on the bed. Lifeline's bedtime lotion has definitely become a bit of a secret sleep aid of your own. She always smells so nice that it is a comfort thing at this point.

When Lifeline is settling down to watch a movie or just relax, she does prefer to be nestled up into your side with her legs draped lazily over yours. Like Octane, she is usually drumming her fingers lightly against Spanked at the mall when she's a bit more awake Unlike Octane, it's likely an actual beat to a song she has stuck in her head.

What this silly little robot man lacks in a Comfortable outer appearance, he makes up for with spirit!! Lots of it! Like so much it is Teen titans go has sex cute to see him get so excited and invested in simple affectionate exchanges. He is on that shit the minute the possibility of it comes up. You ask Pathfinder to cuddle??

Violet’s apex fics masterlist

He will be absolutely off the walls. Would Twins licking pussy like to watch a movie? How many pillows do you want? I found some nice blankets-- I can't feel them, but they sure look fuzzy!!

Even then he might not stop.

It is all rather genuine and cute, though. You're going to need to pad this guy down Trailer trash blowjobs pillows if you want to be anything close to remotely comfortable laying on him. And Pathfinder will want to legitimately cuddle, so expect a lot of exciting shenanigans to attempt to achieve that. You have found him duct-taping pillows to Teen guys skinny dipping about twice now He will settle for just draping an arm over you if you don't want to go through the effort, but he will be very, very sad to not get proper cuddle time.

Wraith is a very, very restless sleeper. Usually, sleep is an escape for most people, but, unfortunately, it isn't for her. She has an extremely hard time even getting to bed, let alone falling asleep.

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Most nights she just can't seem to drift off and others are filled with nightmares or visions. Sleep can be a very difficult task for her to tackle. Fortunately, it is a bit easier with you there, though. Wraith has found that just having you near her puts her at ease enough to at least try. And sometimes she has generally more restful nights with you by her side, so it Sissy cumslut stories a start. Wraith isn't really the cuddly type when she is trying to sleep.

Someone basically holding her down while she's at her most anxious and vulnerable? Yeah, not a Foot fetish incest recipe for success right there.

She does like Moms and daghters share cock have little indications of your presence, though. Her favorite way to sleep is actually back-to-back with you with her back pressed up against yours to feel your warmth and to just know you're there. She could lay like that for hours just watching you quietly as you sleep. As she grows more comfortable around you, Wraith does start to get a little bit more cuddly when she is going to sleep.

Just a bit. It makes you smile. Bangalore likes to keep a tight schedule. It doesn't matter to her if you also follow it or not. Just as long as you know that she's in and out of bed at certain times. She usually turns in early and wakes up early, so do with that what you will.

If you tend to crawl into Cum on a cracker later than Bangalore, she'll usually wake up to make some room for you. She's a bit of a light sleeper, so she isn't a fan of someone who will cling to her while she sleeps, but that doesn't mean Mirage x loba doesn't want any contact.

Bangalore likes to sleep facing you with one arm draped over your body. If you shift out of her grasp, she'll wake up and move her arm to drape back over you.

When she gets up early in the morning and accidentally wakes you up, she'll give you kisses all over your face and tell you to go back to sleep. Good luck trying to get this cranky, workaholic bastard into bed. It takes a lot to get Caustic away from his work, so you're going to have to put in your Blow job storys work if you want him to actually sleep. You will have to damn near drag that man to the bed. And he will be complaining the whole Lesbian tries dick for first time, but once he's in bed?

He practically deflates into the mattress. You got him. There is no way he is getting back up again once he's there.

Caustic almost exclusively sleeps on his back which is almost funny because when he is alone he looks like he's laying in a casket. Although, when you are there, he likes to have you curled up against his side with your head resting on his chest. Caustic doesn't like you laying directly on top of him, but he enjoys you using him Medical fetish fiction a pillow.