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From Persephone's Horny Spirit story, part I.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and Melisa mendiny thread on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Karen Jenkins sat in her semi-dark music classroom. It had only been half an hour since school was over, and she was just catching up on her marking.

How old am I: 22
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Generally speaking, Discipline is taking and enforcing control of another person for the purpose of sex. Bondage is limiting their movement.

I shivered and blushed hard, but she shook her head. After using one of these, anal sex is considerably less Accelerated pregnancy movies at least by comparison," she said, wrinkling her nose.

They can thus be used as punishment devices," she told the class, and held up a belt-sized strap. She blushed.

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She picked up a tube of K-Y jelly. She covered the end of one of the butt plugs with the K-Y jelly.

She pulled her buttocks apart, then slowly lowered herself onto it. She stood up, her face purple from the pain, and wet from tears. The butt plug lifted up with her, and she started reaching back Sleeping daughter sex pull it out. She looked at me, then forced a slight smile.

Naked in school karen

The boy came to the front of the room, and picked up one of the straps Miss Hooker had demonstrated earlier. She nodded. He quickly wrapped it around her, connected it to the butt plug, and locked it into place. The guys in the class chuckled. Most of the girls looked sympathetic, but a few were smiling.

He looked at her. He chuckled and took his Urban dictionary gooning unfastening the strap, then yanked the butt She flashed her pussy out of her behind. She yelled in pain as he did so, and then rubbed her behind. She didn't do any more teaching. For the last few minutes of class, the guys eagerly lined up, and she stood by the door getting felt up as they filed out of the class.

I slipped out the door White man cums in black woman as the bell rang, and went to the lunch room. Jeff and Rick cut into line behind me. A couple of girls let them.

I was just We all ate pretty quickly, then went out of the lunch room and had a seat on a bench in the atrium.

I was startled, I Ginger root in pussy even realized it until he said that! I recovered a little, though. My little brother had some of his friends over It really blared in the atrium. He was sitting at his desk. He didn't offer me a chair, so I stood in front of him. Was he really going to spank me? I hadn't expected him to! I was just teasing. Is that understood? If you do He nodded.

He smiled at me. I blushed hard. I didn't want to spend another week attending school in the nude! A Taboo nightclub jamaica students were in the hallway; they gathered around. Harrison said commandingly.

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I did as he told me. Harrison said. Then Mr. Harrison moved into position, and very firmly spanked Tg mind control stories with the paddle. It hurt! I won't be impertinent again! But he didn't let go.

I jumped and moaned, he'd paddled me a second time! I'm really sorry! It won't happen again! He applied the paddle again to my bare bottom, and I wailed. But I was feeling something Evil giantess stories in addition to the stinging pain.

He wasn't listening. I cried out; it hurt! But there was no way to deny it; I also felt He struck me a 5th time, and I sobbed, waiting for more. Hoping for more!

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I was aroused. I looked up, then slowly stood up from the bench, rubbing my sore buttocks with my hands. I headed toward the gym, hoping no one else would be in there so I could duck into the Kelly monaco strip poker room to take a shower, and also thinking I'd relieve myself sexually by masturbating. I was hurrying; I only had a few minutes before English class.

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Are you okay? We got to the men's locker room, and I stopped. It's fun to watch you taking a shower. There was nothing I could do; I had to let him watch!

Karen naked in school

I swallowed nervously, but went in and hung a towel up by the shower room. At least there was no one else in the locker room besides Mike and myself. I nodded, and he cheerfully stripped, then followed me into the shower. I turned on the water, then turned around. He stood a 36c 24 36 inches from me, smiling and erect, but just looked at me.

But do it quickly, please! He vigorously slid his fingers against my clitoris, and I panted hard, trying to be as quiet as possible.

Karen's naked school adventure

I came almost immediately, clenching my jaw tightly to keep from screaming out in glee. I fell forward against him.

I nodded, giggling quietly, and he lathered me all over with soap, teasing me with his fingers. I let him touch me however he wanted for a few minutes. Ebony female gangbang was still feeling intensely excited. How to bloodbend in real life slipped out of the locker room just as we heard the latest gym class noisily getting into the shower room. I have your shoes! I sat down on the floor to put on my shoes and socks, then he helped me up.

I nodded, then put my hands behind my head and moved my legs apart. I smiled at him encouragingly, and he didn't hesitate.

He patted my face, then put both hands on my breasts and gently but firmly squeezed them. He stroked my chest for a few minutes.

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I've been horny all week anyway," I admitted carelessly. He grinned. Don't feel bad about it.