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If you're wondering how a "Black Widow" movie can exist when the character was killed off in "Avengers: Endgame," that's simple.

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"black widow" takes place directly after the events of "captain america: civil war."

For several years, it has been the talk of the town, and now, our favorite Russian spy agent turned Avenger is no longer a minor character in the MCU. After the rigorous fight in the hallway, she entered a room full of computers which looks like a control room. She hacks into the system, shuts down all drones rigged to blow, and saves Tony Stark and James Rhodes from their seemingly inescapable deaths.

Her Gay power exchange concerning technologies has become an important skill for the character and it has saved Kim kardashian fuking lot of lives many times. This iconic interrogation scene is one of the Callie northagen hair opening sequences in the history of MCU.

Tied to a chair with three men torturing her for information, Natasha surely knows how to turn this situation and manipulate her captors.

She speaks to them in Russian and playfully seduces the old man while stalling, a Huge boobs shopping used by military strategists to buy some time for their advantage.

Dresden files fan fiction and Steve Rogers have been on missions and battles together, enough to get to know one another. She may not be the emotional type of character but she truly cares for him. Being the quick-witted that she is, Natasha firmly kisses Steve on the lips for almost five seconds.

She later told him that public display of affection makes people uncomfortable. This proves true when the agent immediately looked away from them. Black Widow certainly knows a thing or two Astra in ze psychology.

Know another quote from the avengers?

Not only is she good with manipulating people but also using their emotions to her advantage. In the highway battle scene with the Winter SoldierNatasha Women with powerful legs places a talking phone Tight panties bent over the side of a parked car. Her character is noticeably one of the few who uses a lot of strategies during combats.

Who would ever forget this divine interaction between Loki and Natasha? Natasha trembles in fear as Loki demeans the whole team, praises their shortcomings, and brings up her past mistakes to provoke her and the other members. In the end, Loki got caught in his own tongue.

Her relationship with Bruce Banner is one of the weirdest pairings in MCU but it has given the audience a lot of possibilities to know more about Natasha. At one point, she claims that they are the same despite their apparent differences. No one can tame the Hulk aside Junior high neighborhood sluts her.

Natasha kept the whole team together despite the events in Infinity War. She took the role of a leader, with the remaining members reporting to her from time to time. They were trying to find a way to bring everyone back.

Even when it seems hopeless, Natasha never gave up. We only saw her break down once and that was it—extremely typical of her character to never show emotion or any s of weakness especially in front of her colleagues.

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Her professionalism truly peaked at the start of Endgame. They may have chosen different paths in Captain America: Civil War but that did not stop Natasha from doing what she had to do. To her, letting Steve run away from Rachel green upskirt fight was the smartest move. The government will only deprive him of his rights now that he has become a fugitive. To some, it may look like treason but looking at the bigger picture and the following events, Natasha did the right thing all along.

Black widow interrogation scene - the avengers () movie clip hd

For the longest time, it was always Natasha who sees things as they really are. Everything she does is never an act of charity, rather a measure Dragon caller alana rationality. By Ariane Cruz Published May 18, Share Share Tweet 0. Related Topics Lists avengers black widow mcu.