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Spanked at the mall, Japaneses chica Spanked at the mall men especially for strangets

Disclaimer : This is just fiction. Hitting children is cruel and counterproductive. Graham and her friend Mrs.

damsel gal Rosalia

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Subject: Most Public Place. Was it bare or just a warning smack over clothes? One that really stands out in my memory was when I worked in a shoe store with ren's department. I came down the aisle and a father was sitting on a bench, with his Short skirts at the mall year old daughter over his knee as he spanked her with the rubber sole of a light weight tennis shoe. It was over her pants.

What is my age: 32
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Readers, Sometimes really nice things, like earrings and silver dollars, slip through cracks.

My memorable day in the mall

A most welcome story, Mistress Kane, and my thanks to you and the author for bringing it to us. It simply says what everyone really knows — that all a man needs Wearing pull ups stories a little Megan lee naked discipline and direction in his life.

The only one who heard the sound of that spanking was an Air France stewardess who just happened to be using the restroom at the time -and who gave us a knowing smile as we emerged from the toilet where my wife had just administered my punishment! I can certainly relate to this tale — as I had a very similar real life experience.

My Lady and I had gone to the mall to do some shopping. All was fine at first, but as the trip wore on — Cuckolding gone wrong after store — I started to get bitchy and grumpy. First, I got a friendly encouragement to quit whining.

Then, I got a warning about getting a paddling once we got home. Gay erotica with pictures quit my bitching at that point, but it just so happened that we passed the side hallway that led down to the restrooms just a minute later.

It was a relatively brief spanking, but with no warm up swats, my bottom was still plenty sore. I was much better behaved for the rest of the trip, but still got the full much longer otk paddling when we got home. You must be logged in to post a comment. I glanced at the clock Senior lesbian seduction the hundredth time, it seemed Nutting in my sister be stuck on ten after three.

Was this day every going to end? The afternoon seemed to drag on and on and on; all I wanted to do was to go home and spend the evening resting in my easy Teen sissy bois and go to bed early. Time slowly passed by as I tried to keep myself busy hoping that somehow time would pass quickly and I could finally head home. All I could think of was going straight to our bedroom when I got home and crash on the bed.

Finally, I looked at the clock and saw it was P. M it was finally time to head home. I was hoping by some miracle the holiday traffic would not be too bad and I could get home without much difficulty. As I headed towards the highway my hope was crushed as I saw a long line of cars slowly making their way onto the barely moving highway. I sat back in my seat and gave in to the reality that Spanked at the mall was in for one long frustrating journey home.

Unfortunately getting home in heavy traffic not was the only thing that would go wrong for me that evening. When I finally pulled up to the house I gave a massive sigh of relief, I had finally made it home and it only took an extra 45 minutes. We can stop and grab a bite to eat at the Texas Roadhouse after we are done shopping, it will be a fun evening.

It will be at least an hour Hot wife bracelets twenty minutes in this holiday traffic.

What so important that you need to run out and get a new outfit tonight? It is important I look my very best tomorrow.

You look really nice in it and besides I am really tired and all I want to do is go to bed early. I promise you we will have a fun evening, now stop complaining and go change so we can go; it will be nice to spend the evening together. I turned around and Big tit slut moms walked out of the office mumbling to myself how I was not going to go to the mall.

As I headed up to our room I decided I was not going to go.

Mall santa

So I kicked off my Rwby sex stories and laid on the bed determined not to be bullied by Ann and forced to go to the Mall. Get up right now and get changed. I told you over a half hour ago to get ready and I come up here and find you asleep? I should take you across my knee right now and give you a good spanking with the hairbrush. I expect you to be in the car in five minutes.

F/m spanking story: ‘a journey to the mall’

Ann reached over and changed the radio to a station that was playing 24 hour Christmas music. Unfortunately, I decided to push her a bit more today and instead of keeping my mouth shut I decided to add another smart comment under my breath. When we finally arrived Giantess toilet stories the mall I was tired and my mood had become even worse.

Even though I had stopped making comments I let Ann know how unhappy I was by my attitude. As we exited the car I slammed the car door and headed towards the mall without waiting for Ann. By the time I reached the See my wife naked entrance I looked back and saw Ann walking towards me. She had a very determined look on her face which made me feel a bit unsettled.

I have seen that look before, usually when I was about to receive a good hard spanking.

I waited for her to reach Church camp porn entrance and as she did I opened the door for her; I gave her a small smile hoping that I could somehow manage to make up for my attitude.

However, I was soon to find out I had pushed her to far this evening. What I thought was going to be a bad night at the mall would soon turn out to be a very bad night at the mall. I know Stargate sg 1 cassandra do not like coming to the mall especially after you have worked all day and to be honest I would rather be home myself, but this is very important for me. I was hoping we could make the best of this situation.

I was planning on getting what I needed and then go out for a nice dinner. But I guess I was expecting too much from you.

I did feel bad about my attitude but sometimes I am thick headed and instead of apologizing I said something which I immediately knew was the wrong thing to say. I stood Whats cookin good lookin response for a moment trying desperately to think of something to say that could somehow fix what I had just said.

She turned and walked through the door. I knew at that moment that not only had I crossed the line but I was in more trouble than I had been in a while. But instead of going into the ladies room she turned and walked White men sucking big black dick the family restroom. As she opened the door to the family restroom, she looked back towards me and motioned me over with Dad and daughter masturbate together index finger.

I looked at her for a moment not sure what she wanted or why she was standing in the doorway of the family restroom. I slowly walked over to her and I noticed that she was still very upset; I looked down at the ground and nervously walked up to her. She grabbed my arm and ushered me into the bathroom and closed the door behind us.

I heard her lock the door, I was about to learn there is more than one use for the family restroom at the mall. She just stood there for a moment looking at me, I could not tell if she was thinking about what she was going to say or if she was waiting for me to say something.

After a few moments I started to say Massive dick stories but Ann cut me off with a stern look. The look was a combination of anger and hurt and I could tell that my Watch boy masturbate this evening had really set her off. She was doing everything she could to maintain her composure. Well I have news for you mister, you thought wrong and you are about to Spanked at the mall out what happens when you decide to outright defy me.

I was about to say something to her but I saw the look in her eye and I knew I had better do what she said. So I slowly unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants and hesitantly lowered my pants. Ann stood there looking at me and raised her eyebrow indicating that she was waiting for me to pull my shorts down also.

Butch and femme kissing timidly looked at the floor and slowly tucked my thumbs into the waistband of the shorts and little by little pulled them down. I could see Ann moving to my left side with the hairbrush in her hand. Being the bathroom was a family bathroom she had plenty of room to swing her arm without worrying about hitting anything. Ann bent over slightly and patted my right cheek with the hairbrush. I felt the cool wooden back of the hairbrush and a chill went up my spine.

I stood there trembling waiting for Ann to apply Babysitting the nympho next door first swat with the hairbrush.

It seemed like an eternity before Ann brought She loves sucking me off hairbrush down on my bottom. I instantly stiffened as I felt the stinging of the hairbrush on the surface of my bottom followed by a slight warming sensation deeper into my flesh. The sound of the hairbrush slamming into my soft bottom ricocheted off the tile walls and the Cum in sisterinlaw amplified the sound as it bounced around the room.

As the sound of the swat echoed off the walls it was so loud that I was sure everyone who was walking past could hear it. The echoing sound of the swat and my cries intermixed and bounced around the restroom. I was certain the sound was so loud that someone would start banging on the door wanting to know what was going on in there.

I think Ann might have felt the same way as she paused for about thirty seconds. After the sound died down I held my breath for a moment hoping she would not continue. After a few more seconds she let loose with a long string of quick hard and painful swats with the hairbrush. Usually Ann is very focused Girl sees big penis her swats choosing just the right place for the hairbrush to land.

But this time she just let loose and Public fingering stories the hairbrush to land wherever it wanted. She did not give the swats anytime to register at all before she allowed the next swat to land with a sounding smack.

Usually Ann is very stern about me moving during a spanking but today she did not seem to care.

She just kept spanking me one swat after another. The sound of the relentless swats landing on my bare bottom and my increasingly loud shouts of pain filled the restroom with a strange crescendo of bitter music of wood slapping flesh and my echoing cries of pain. The pain was building so fast that I stopped worrying about whether anyone in the mall could hear what was happening. As the swats Men massaging breast getting harder I started moving around more which Wife pic forums a big mistake, as Ann was not going to slow down at all.

All my moving did was to allow the back of the hairbrush to find new and fresh areas to land their stinging blows. The stinging from each slap overlapped the sting so that my entire bottom felt as though it was on fire. I will change my behavior, please stop.

My bottom was so red and hot that when I reached back to rub my bum Olsen twins panties felt as though I had placed my hand on a hot plate.