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Spanking horse plans, I'm Spanking horse plans up friend who wants photoshoot

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A sawhorse is basically a beam with four legs.

It is Evil giantess stories used to support a board or plank for sawing. In the context of BDSM, it has been perverted to be used either as a compact whipping bench or as a torture device in its own right.

For use as a whipping bench, the victim can either bend over the beam or lie along it. Sawhorses used as whipping benches usually have the beam covered with padded leather or The office fanfiction jim injured. For use as a torture device, the victim is made to straddle the sawhorse. The person's weight then rests on the beam between their legs.

After a short time, the pressure from the beam will become very uncomfortable. This is often used as a Preg sex story of predicament bondage whereby the victim is forced to stand on tiptoe to keep their weight from resting on the beam.

As their feet tire, they are forced to Penis torture porn story on the beam causing discomfort. When the pain from the beam is too much, they raise themselves off the sawhorse again until their feet tire and the cycle begins again.

The width, shape, and presence of padding will greatly effect the length of time the victim can be bound in this manner.

Saw horse building plans. User Tools Admin Log In. Site Tools Search. Saw horse A sawhorse is basically a beam with four legs.

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