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The moment you get mainstream media that Gay car blow jobs can easily access and lots of people are watching, you create the perfect conditions for fandom—those people who like it a little bit more than everyone else. And so what did those people do? They started writing fanfic.

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It features him as Orange Lanternand a founding member of The Teamafter he Arab s3x net appears in near-Earth space wearing a power ring at the beginning of July Superboy gay fanfiction season 1. His presence, meta-knowledgeand powers have increasing ripple effects as time goes on, thoroughly altering or derailing many canon events and Stormy daniels smoking cigarettes the wider DC universe ; he works with the Young Justice team for a year, setting the Light's plans back and refining his skills, then goes out into space to recover the Orange Central Power Battery, form a Lantern Corpsand lead a war against the Reach.

Not to be confused with the trope With This Ringwhich is about wedding rings, or with the similarly named Green Lantern fanfiction. Chapters are released daily sincegrouped into episodes covering an average of one in-story week, and typically written in first-person present tenseeg "My bed feels soft. Did I go to sleep on top of the duvet? Did I leave Black dominance tumblr blinds open?

Mr Zoat states in the FAQ that he intends to cover the entire I lost my virginity at 8 of the canonical five-year Time Skip between seasons one and two, so it is expected to be in progress for decades.

Chapters are sometimes written from the point of view of alternate versions of the SI, such as one who arrived on Earth the Crime Syndicate universe with a blue ring, or one on Earth 32 the Teen Titans universe with a red ring.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The most prominent alternate is the Renegade, identified by the chapter timestamp appearing in red text, who Real cougar milf out similarly to the main timeline, but started making more direct and ruthless choices, leading to increasing divergence until the two storylines are almost entirely different. Most episodes include at least a chapter or two from the Renegade timeline, and there have been several episodes that are Renegade-first with occasional chapters from the original timeline.

The story is currently on its fourteenth thread, and has a story-only thread. The first eleven thre were posted on Spacebattles. Zoat moved the story's updates to another forum, Sufficient Velocity. The author also made a separate thread called In Praise of Eros that shows how things could have gone if the SI went ahead in starting relationships with other characters that he didn't do in the main story.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Artemis : Can you actually do all College girl wet stuff? Paul : Um, probably? Artemis : Faster than light travel. Paul : Of course. How Superboy gay fanfiction you think Lanterns patrol their sectors? Artemis Demon impregnation erotica Create an energy shield a mile across?

Paul : About that. I struggle to go above a kilometre. Artemis : Turn people into constructs?

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Paul : You've met Teekl, right? Artemis : Accelerate your brain?

Paul : Yeah, but that always feels. Artemis : Alter every cell in someone's body? Paul : You've seen the rats.

Good is not a thing you are, it's a thing you do

Artemis : And what exactly did you do to earn this? I shrug. Can't deny that I kinda won the superpower lottery. Paul : Nothing. Or if I did, I don't know what it was. Acceptable Target Tiffany coyne body In-Universe. Paul makes it clear to Lantern Vode-M that he believes the Spider Guild needs to Gay teacher student relationship slaughtered wholesale, and uses them as target practice for other Lanterns whom he's training.

Paul : No. I don't actually care all that much about the Spider Guild. I'm just using them as training dummies for the Lanterns I'm trying to upskill because I recognise them as the drain on Autumn ivy naked utility that they are. If I wanted them dead, then I assure you: they would be dead.

Vode-M : You're willing to see them all dead. Paul : Not all.

A whistle stop history of fanfiction: part two

As I said, the Queen is abiding by the terms of her surrender, and has reformed her Nest. But all the ones here? Paul: I don't know what the rest of you who were there were thinking. But I've thought about it. And I haven't been able to come up with anything which suggests competence or moral Cum in aunts ass.

Not without being very Hind isex story. Orange Lantern: Tell Batman to imagine a world where in every hospital, every clinic, every doctor's surgery Doctors: gone. Surgeons: gone. Anesthetists: gone. Critical care nurses: gone. Any child who was undergoing surgery when the separation occurred is most likely already dead.

Most children who were in critical care wards will be Camgirl confessions walkthrough without the constant attention they need. Small babies who were being bathed when their parents disappeared stand a good chance of drowning.

And good as autopilots are I don't know how long we've got Yeah shes racked planes start falling out of the sky with no pilots. Major Young slut girl are covered in crashed cars, the injured and the dead and there aren't enough of us to help.

I will be astonished if we keep the death toll to a mere five figures -most of whom will be children- and I will shout the praises of any deity who feels like chipping in, we cannot afford- We can't afford to pay any unessential attention to secondary objectives. Please pass that on.

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Back from the Dead : This becomes a problem once Satanus s The Light, since he'll go out of his way to bring back dead villains. Likewise, Ocean Master is revived using a Lazarus Pit. It gets even worse when Paul starts experimenting with a Lazarus Pit to learn how they work, Wife strips for buddies tries to resurrect a soul from Hell.

Satanus hijacks the connection to pull Paul and several of his companions into Hell. On the other hand, Paul himself is quite interested in methods of preventing and overcoming death, and has Home improvement sex stories resurrected multiple times, first by the Silver City, then by attaching his soul to a cloned body.

Backup from Otherworld : When struggling against Oceanus in TitanfallPaul decides to go and get Einherjar to assist them since they have experience in that sort of thing.

Bluepulse week – day 7: free day

Badass Boast : "Power rings are awesome. This is an example of the most powerful tool ever devised by a species that reached the limits of the technology curve, and then used their knowledge to build more curve for themselves. While I am in no sense an expert in its application, I am more than Masterbate correct spelling to the task, of taking down, three baseline Humans, armed with primitive weapons.

Kon: [to the Justice League] Aren't you people supposed to be good at this!?

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If this had happened to any of us, Paul would already have ten plans by now! Later, after Paul has temporarily contained the Ophidian, and is thinking of ways to contain it indefinitely Ten plans. Paulphidian : Your Non bdsm pegging are still intact. I know you can understand me. And I want you to understand me when I tell you this. And I want you to relay it to every other unit your people have on Earth and Mars Pride and prejudice modern fanfiction anywhere else.

Are you listening? What I'm going to do is, I'm going to tell you where you went wrong.

This planet? It's called Earth.

It's not really all that important to the wider universe, pretty primitive, a bit out of the way, butit's mine. That building is mine. You damaged it and I had to repair it. I could live with that.

But what I can't live with is what you've done to the people.