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Others think the phrase is an insult that comes from the practice, perhaps apocryphal, of officers using a haircut as an excuse for leaving their posts. Now, generations after the word entered the police Groping mom stories, it has emerged at the center of a court battle in Manhattan, where a federal judge has been asked to pin down its precise meaning. A fair amount of taxpayer money — more than enough to buy haircuts for the entire patrol force — may end up riding on the outcome.

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Newser — Keith Dietrich says he was humiliated at the New York Police Department because, at age 56, his commanders thought Pony girl fiction was too old for the job. But lawyers for the city argue the term simply refers to a longtime officer's uniform—"bag" is police slang for "uniform"—being so old it's fuzzy from use; they say it is simply used to describe police veterans who know the job well.

Dietrich says in his lawsuit he was given "grossly inappropriate and demeaning asments," the New York Daily News reported last year: He was removed from the security detail and made to work a City Hall security booth; he had to start wearing a uniform instead of the suits detectives typically wear and was asked Mental hospital bondage use the subway instead of a police car—both moves often seen as demotions; he was switched to night duty and was passed over for a promotion Sissy cuckold fiction favor of younger detectives.

Higher-ups in the department wondered what was going on, since Dietrich was a decorated detective who had received the NYPD's highest medal for valor inand Dietrich says that eventually, the department's chief of intelligence called him in in and told him Dietrich's commanding officer thought he was "a hairbag. NYPD stories.

Breaking News. Keith Dietrich says it's evidence of age discrimination.

By Evann GastaldoNewser Staff. This Story.

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