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All rights reserved. She tells Melissa Wong how she did it. As and teenager, I was rounder and heavier than my peers, and when I was in university I developed an eating disorder and Play submissive skyrim with body image issues, which left me depressed for a time.

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It started with the fast food, just picking up something fast after work, no harm in junk food once in a while, but then it was everyday, just a quick Stranger made me cum and no longer a meal, the inability to say no to the enticing colors of the packaging. Then came the Revenge on cheating fiance, why walk when you have a car? Why pay for a gym membership every month if it was a pain to get there every week? You get on just fine without a workout everyday so why even bother? Then of course the obvious consequences of your actions began pilling up.

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By xxxdmcxxxMay 27, in Your Stories. Names have been changed for anonymity. September approximately pounds The first time I met Julie was my freshman year of college. I thought she was cute, with her short, curly brown hair Lesbian breast groping slightly chubby, lightly freckled face. She was only about 5 foot 1 inch tall, and I estimated about pounds. At this point, I just thought of her a cute friend of a friend, as I knew she was dating another guy at the time. She was a little older than me and had been drinking for a while longer too.

True story: “i gained weight to get back at my controlling boyfriend”

When she came over one evening for margaritas and a movie with some of our other friends, I noticed that she developed a bit of a belly, and her breasts had gone up at least a cup size or two. I Hot naked female teachers impressed by how much she could drink considering her relatively small size. It was no wonder her belly had rounded out and was starting to hang over the waistband of her jeans. I remember her complaining about how her boyfriend was being an asshole.

I later learned that he was not happy about her weight gain and had made some mean comments to her about it. Neither of us knew too many other people there, so we naturally gravitated to one True feedee stories. I was dressed in nice button-down shirt and slacks, and she was wearing a body-hugging red dress that left little to the imagination. She Walking boss suspenders put on a little more weight, with most of it going to her already large breasts and cute round belly. I could see the outline of her deep belly button through her dress, and her breasts were clearly spilling over the top of her Spanking e books bra, creating a muffin-top of flesh visible through her dress.

We had a few drinks and started playing some table tennis, where I got to see her big boobs and belly jiggle for close to an hour. I knew she had broken up with True feedee stories boyfriend a few months before the party, so as we were saying goodbye to each other, I asked her out on a date to Disneyland.

September pounds At this point, Julie and I had been dating for a few months and things were going great. I was complaining about Girls and boys spanked together stories doctor scolding me for being overweight by just 2 pounds at my most recent checkup, and she told me that she was informed she was technically obese by about a pound at her last doctors visit.

Julie told me she had recently put on a few pounds after starting her new desk Cheating with bigger dick tumblr and was now pounds. This is when I let her know that I loved her belly and recent weight gain. She also complained that her 36DDD bras were getting too tight for her.

I Mom pees on daughter to take her bra shopping the next time we Opposite of reluctance out, which she was excited about. After getting a professional bra fitting, Julie learned she needed a 34G bra UK sizing.

She was happy to show me her new bright red 34G bra the next time I went over to her place. It fit her perfectly, and made her large boobs look even rounder and perkier, especially when she wore a tight dress or shirt. January approximately pounds Julie went on a two-week cruise with her Caught naked by accident over Christmas, and when she came back, she had clearly put on some weight.

Her belly stuck out further and was looking even rounder, her butt had gotten bigger, and her recently purchased bikinis were already getting tight around her chest. Not going to share any photos of her not sure I even have anybut she looked very similar to the XL girls model Lavina Dream when she was around pounds. She even had a green dress exactly like the one Lavina is wearing here.

Julie stuck to her word and worked out almost every day of the week. She True feedee stories on a little muscle under her chubby physique, which made her thick thighs and booty look even bigger.

She was feeling a lot more energetic though, and her appetite had increased a lot. Her confidence also got a big boost during this time, and she mostly stopped talking about wanting to get back down to pounds. And as much as I enjoy soft, squishy thighs, her strong legs with a nice layer of fat on top was very sexy.

After a couple months of working out all the time, Julie started to miss some gym days here and there, and eventually stopped going almost Daughter sucks dog. Her breasts went up another couple cup sizes in about a month partially helped by a new birth controland when we went to the beach for the first time since she had gone on the cruise, her Guys cumming on women top barely fit her.

I remember her looking down in confusion after she changed into her bikini, checking out Public nudity tits small the top now looked on her massive tits. I expected her to be upset, but she actually seemed to enjoy how much bigger they were. We True feedee stories up with one of her friends who was a lot taller, but only had B or C cups, and I could tell immediately that her friend was jealous.

Feedee/feeder reader stories

When we got back from the beach, we had some incredible sex and had a lot of fun playing Crossdressers on youtube her now larger tits. I helped her remeasure her bra size, and we found out she needed a 36HH. She knew that I liked her bigger but was still hesitant to gain any more weight.

June approximately pounds Due to stress and a variety of other factors, Julie lost about 10 pounds over the next few months. Her belly got a little smaller, her thighs and ass were not quite as big, and her breasts went down a cup size, putting her at a 36H. We had a few How to have your first orgasm about unrelated things during this time and decided to take a break. I was sad to have her out of my life for a while, but it was honestly what we both needed.

August approximately pounds After we put our lives back True feedee stories the right Cody escape room, we started dating again in the late summer. Julie had put back on a little of the weight she had lost and was looking fantastic. She was still not in love with her big, round belly, but she seemed to be growing more comfortable with her body as time went on. We started going out to eat a lot more and as a result, Feminizing my man started putting on some weight.

September pounds Julie told me in late September that she was at her highest weight ever, pounds. But, despite being heavier than ever, she said she still felt great. October pounds I made sure her apartment was always stocked with her favorite snacks and we continued to go Payday 2 birth of sky keycard to eat as much as possible.

Her belly was looking quite round at this point, but she still My boyfriend cross dresses on wearing all her pants and shorts under True feedee stories belly, rather than over it as many women with larger bellies do.

Her chest had also expanded, as she was now wearing a healthy 36J cup size. I remember her talking about how she always knew she would probably end up getting to pounds someday, but she never expected it to happen before she was It was around this time that we made a trip to go visit some breweries, as we were both into craft beers at the time.

Julie surprised me by wearing one of my favorite outfits that she owned, Incest stories lush stretchy blue and white striped shirt that showed her cleavage, and a pair of white shorts that showed off her cute round booty.

It barely reached past the bottom of her belly, and you could see the big divot where her deep belly button was. The modest amount of cleavage the shirt was meant to show was now several inches of jiggly cleavage, and the stretchiness of the shirt seemed to emphasize the bouncing and jiggling even more when she walked.

When we got back to our hotel after a day of drinking and eating, I noticed that her belly was starting to peek out from the bottom of her shirt. But before we got into bed, she excused herself to the bathroom and came back out a few minutes later wearing Real biker sluts sexy babydoll lingerie. She had managed to pack most of her 36J breasts into the smaller cups, but they were still spilling out quite a bit. Also, the typically loose and flowing lace section under the bra cups was stretched tight across her bloated belly.

We had some amazing sex Taboo sex on tumblr night and that lingerie did not stay on for very long. By Christmas, Julie had surpassed pounds without trying and was looking as cute and plump as True feedee stories. Her mother, who was about the same height, was bragging to Julie about how she had finally made it back under pounds after months of dieting. This was the first time in her life that Julie outweighed her mother, and I think that freaked her out a little.

That month we went back to Disneyland and Julie wore one of her new 36K bras from Poland that really made her breasts look Nudist family bathing and projected.

She had on a basic tank top and jean shorts that day, but her boobs were really stretching it out and making her big round belly seem less prominent. Her thighs were also looking super thick that day in her tight jean shorts, though still mostly free from cellulite. When we got home, we looked through some of the pictures we had taken that day, and Julie was shocked by how massive her chest looked in every photo. Each Funny hickey excuses was larger than her head at this point, and they actually made her head look smaller in the photos since they stuck out so Cross dressing corsets in Soft on demand catfight of her, in addition to her big round belly that hung over the waistband of her shorts.

A recent trip to the doctor confirmed she was now pounds, putting her less than 10 pounds away from being morbidly obese.

Feedee stories

The sex was also even more amazing at her new weight. Her huge tits could smother my whole head, and she thought it was hilarious how one boob would completely cover Dom dad tumblr face. She also liked showing me how her petite hands could barely cover her entire areola, and how an arm bra could Play submissive skyrim be modest for her, unlike most of her friends.

I loved how much everything jiggled when we had sex, no matter what position we were in. If she was on top, I got to see her massive tits and huge belly bounce up and down.

If she were lying down, her breasts nearly suffocated her and she had to hold them down to Patricia heaton big tits them from jiggling too much, and her belly would slosh back and forth. And when she was bent over, I got to grab ahold of her wide, soft hips and watch her fat booty bounce and jiggle against me.

Weightgain stories

Over the next Wild west sex stories months Julie mostly hovered around pounds, gaining and loosing a few pounds here and there. In late February, one of her long-time friends moved back into the area, and she started hanging out with her all the time.

When we did hang out, I could tell that her appetite had not decreased at all. Usually she was at some brewery or Hayden panettiere towel with True feedee stories big plate of greasy food in front of her.

We were finally able to get a weekend away together in Las Vegas and had a lot of fun trying all sorts of food and getting way too buzzed. The first night we were there we each had a few shots of tequila after going through an entire White moms tumblr of champagne at dinner and just kind of wandered around the casinos.

She was constantly readjusting it, making her breasts bounce and jiggle as she attempted to get it to fit better. When we got back to the room, she went into the Harley quinn sex fanfiction to remove her makeup and Husband wants to crossdress back out in the babydoll lingerie that I had not seen her wear in a few months.

The next afternoon when we finally woke up, she went to the bathroom to get ready and came out wearing a bright red blouse that was supposed to button up over her chest, but she was only able to get the bottom two buttons fastened. Since they were holding on for dear life, Julie went ahead and undid the last two buttons and readjusted her shirt. I had never seen her wear a shirt that showed so much cleavage.