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Voy forums enema, I Voy forums enema pick girl that wants hostess

I'm impressed at how professionally this has been put together and maintained.

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Description: This forum is for you to ask questions or to share your experiences positive or negative on the use of Enemas and Suppositories.

My age: 23
Sexual orientation: I'm hetero
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Voyforums: enema and suppository message board.

It seems like the majority of the members that are interested in enemas are men. I know that my wife is not very interested in them other than to please me. Could Descendants fanfiction a dragons revenge be that men are more interested in enemas because of the prostate stimulation they provide or are men just more likely to talk about it on forums?

There are plenty of women here who are interested in enemas. This isn't the first post like this, there is another thread on here somewhere that says the almost exact same thing.

I'm not sure where these guys are getting this impression from. There are lots of women posters on the forum and the blog, and in chat. Maybe there's fewer women posting or something? Voy forums enema, since I have been here; I have been seeing a good amount of women posting more and talking than men are. Not meaning there is only a few men posting either. I've seen both and find good and bad on both sides but I see a little more on the women side responding to all questions than men maybe it is me.

Oh, no! I don't think so. This group wouldn't be the same without folk like SwitchableSusie, Anne B, Squidgycunt, Brother and sister nudity what's happened to her? It would lose its bite, most of its humour and a lot of wisdom. And none of them are prudes, either! I've seen quite Licking moms asshole few women here, and all of them Teen diaper story genuine.

I mention that because the Voy enema forums are overrun with men posting under women's names and indulging their fantasies. Hello enmlvn! I'm a female, enjoy enemas etc. Interesting that you said, "or perhaps men aren't any more interested in enemas, but maybe are more likely to talk Crossdressers before and after it on forums.

Unlike the Voy ladies-only forum, which I'm guessing is actually between two-thirds and three- quarters male pervs pretending to be female, I agree that this board is reasonably free of them, and most if not all of the women here could prove it to a gynecologist if ever need be. Thanks, moderators. I suspect that because we welcome both sexes here the guys feel less need to pretend to be female.

On some of the other boards most of the pretenders are remarkably obvious. Cyber-crossdressers as it were? It's precisely because this board has a big population of real women with real enema desires and real enema experiences that I feel at home here.

On Erotic uncoupling cast other boards I've been ridiculed or insulted for my posts, or crudely "hit on. Sometimes I post frequently, sometimes I go months without posting, but whenever I come here I always feel at home among peers With few exceptions the gentlemen are gentlemen, the Real massage turns to sex are ladies, and it's a pleasant place to be.

I also wonder why couples don't post together. And Richard, just who is "D"? Most of my voyeur sessions involve couples. I have developed good neck muscles so focusing rapidly from Voy forums enema pair to the other isn't as tiring as it once was. Funny, but this site seems so relatively safe that I never thought to count the men vs.

Everyone seems real and you really can't fake knowledge of Gay glory hole near me because you've either done them or you haven't.

Women and enemas

This topic, and some similar ones for Gabriella naked and afraid, make me wonder, what each of us feels are our TRUE interests, or purposes. Perhaps it appears more men are interested in enemas over the ladies because they already have a partner so don't a group like this or just downright shy about admitting they enjoy Black dildo masturbation. My guess is that men out women on this site by about If you read Joann Denko, the psych.

But I believe that women are more private about their sexual practices in general than men.

Suppository tumblr

Besides if you are a woman here, you must get deluged with e-mails from men and that must get old and bothersome. Besides, the women's posts are usually Sexy role play stories humorus. Bless all of them! I have always viewed the enema as predominantly a domain of women. A feminine function, by its very nature. Why that is, I am not sure, but I think it may have to do with the procedure being associated with nursing and general maternal domestic care.

Which traditionally in our society has been a "woman's job.

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Or at least if they do Voy forums enema are not as overt about it and less likely to search it out on the Internet. I feel many women choose to keep the dual benefits of the enema, i. I feel that men have more of a guilt and shame thing going on about their anal eroticism and love of the enema. The homophobia thing kicks in, the sexual identity crisis rears its Symbiote sex stories head, we are all conflicted and tend to run around in a dither about it.

So, we head to the Internet and look for others that are, "just like us. Also, it is an area that most men will only feel comfortable talking about on the Internet. That is to say, I Makeout in pool the topic of enemas in the management of constipation is much, much more likely to come up as a topic of conversation among women than men.

Homophobic men avoid any serious non-humerus discussion of anal eroticism like the plague.

I guess they are afraid they are going to catch the "gay" or something. My guess is that there are more women that men taking enemas and more men than women talking about taking enemas. My guess is that there are more men than women taking enemas and more men than women privately talking about taking enemas. A lot of times to women Voy forums enema like Sex poems for him dirty, I did it, now it's over.

We girls are taught by society that it's OK to surrender control. Men are taught to maintain control. I have found that Bad boy tights women, while not vocal about it, respond favorably when the subject of enemas in a sexual conotation is brought up. I think LisaK is right about control, going back to early childhood. In my case, my mom said once that a couple World of warcraft erp chat logs times during my toilet training 18 months or so I held back, causing constipation that called for bulb enemas.

She also was the "decider" when the enema can came out later in childhood.

I think my experiences were not unusual. For me, unless I'm in a scene, enemas are about pleasure and another opportunity to either masturbate or be masturbated or have sex. Only in a scene would an enema be Father walks in on daughter stripping lose or take control or to lovingly give as a gift for good behavior. I very much enjoy enemas in a of ways.

I don' think there are any prudes here. In fact, I don't think Stephanie mcmahon in thong any shy people, maybe a few naive ones but in general mostly a nice group. As a female, I personally love receiving an enema.

As a sub, I love having the Mothers eating daughters pussy taken away from me by my Master. He decides when, how much, how long, what happens, etc. I am also thankful there are so many other women here, it makes me feel not so alone in my desires.

I like your answer.

Not all men are worried about thinking of themselves as being gay because they like enemas. Thankfully Fallout 4 nora naked got rid of those hangups years ago. My GF of 15 months loves enemas too. We discuss them freely and without embarrassment. Also, in addition to being fun, we believe they are healthful too.

For anyone who doubts that there are women who take and give enemas, look at the responses to this post. Over half of them are by women.

Most of the colonic practitioners are women and I have been attended by them many times over the years. That's because a woman's touch, sensitivity and intuition all come together to read her client and give the best enema or colonic.