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What is meat curtain, Ukrainian lady picking What is meat curtain to strangets

March Birth Club Anyone wanna talk about meat curtains? My TMI confession j. I am admitting that I have some pretty serious meat curtains, always have.

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Maverick cattle company pithy vestibules often referred to as the vulva of the external female anatomy otherwise known as the labia minorathe clitoris, and the labia majora. The long beautiful pussy lips some lucky girls possess. The long, overly stretched out lips of a pussy, sometimes resembling philly cheese steak. Also known as: Layla el thong earsclappersmud flaps, pounded cube steak, cube steak patties, dangly gizzard, and last but not leastthe giblet pouch. These inner lips are particularly sensitive and touching them makes the woman orgasm.

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Loose vagina lips that hang, this often caused by to much sex or old age. Also referred to as " Beef Drapes ".

The meat curtain Making a hot wife often found with fur, hair or stubble - on rare occassions the nude silky smooth meat curtain can be found. The silky smooth meat curtain is more common in Brazil.

Like all meat it should be cleaned before eating and best served tender moist and hot.

A vagina, preferably with large flaps of skin that fold over. Enlarged, droopy Guys shitting together cunt lips that have the tendency to hang way outside the region of comfort and caused malfunctions during insertion of cocks, fingers, tongues, toys, and other miscellaneous products.

That extra cooter skin that looks kinda like a pastrami sandwich. Either she's one of those unfortunates born like thisor she's seen the business end of the ramrod one too many times and blew her o-ring. The long beautiful Stormy daniels smoking cigarettes lips some lucky girls possess. What is Meat Curtains?

Look at her meat curtains! Tim - "Dude, I pounded that chick Jessica's meat curtains last night.

We tried to have a quickybut her meat curtains kepting getting in the way. Damn Suzie!

Your pootie-tang is so tore up, Desi family sex stories meat curtains look like a freakin' gyro sandwich! Hey, bend over and spread your meat curtains so i can ride you bare-back from behind and spray my love all over your ass!

I shucked those panties to find the most delicious set of meat curtains I've ever opened.