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Ever dreamed of walking around in vibrating panties every day? Me neither. But hey, some ladies at BuzzFeed were down to try it, so four women conducted their day-to-day lives in vibrating panties for a week.

And they lived to tell the bizarre, entertaining tale. Vibrating panties are pretty straightforward.

New to vibrating panties? here’s what to know.

There's a Molly line legs of underwear, a mini-vibrator that you insert into that underwear, and a remote that controls the vibrator. As long as you don't jump around, the vibrator will stay in place alas, one woman found this out the hard way during a tennis match.

The women subjected themselves to three major tests: wearing the panties in public, testing them out at home, and giving someone else full control of the remote. They found the first task generally entertaining. The panties brought a newfound sense of drama to typically Bikini contests 2018 meetings, and grocery shopping became more challenging when vibrations livened up a trip down the dairy aisle.

Wife wearing vibrating panties

The at-home reception was varied—some women liked the vibrator, while others preferred human sexual interaction. And things got really wild when the women sacrificed power of the remote. Some gave it to partners, and others gave it to friends—but all ended up getting buzzed at random points throughout Face in hole beyonce day. Which is, you know, something.

But hey, there's no reason not to relive this entertaining journey vicariously through these fearless panty pioneers. And if you're down to give vibrating panties a shot, well, you do you.

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